My 3 1/2 month old used to go to bed peacefully at 7 p.m. with a bottle and some gentle rocking. The past week or two, however, he's been scream-crying every time we try to put him to sleep at night. We know he's tired, by his behaviour and evening fussiness, but why is he now fighting us over this?

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Just from personal experience these are some of the things I would check:

1) Is he overtired? Maybe he needs to go to bed earlier?

2) Is he hungry? Maybe he's going through growth spurt. That was around the age my daughter started to wake up throughout the night again and was increasingly fussy and hungry.

3) Is he uncomfortable? Too hot? Too cold? Gassy? Constipated?

4) Is he in any pain? Our daughter started showing signs of teething around that age (even though she didn't actually cut her first tooth until 8 months). Check out this similar question: http://moms4mom.com/questions/2644/my-3-5-month-old-has-suddenly-started-crying-before-sleeping-at-night


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