How would someone upload a picture to post on

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Unfortunately moms4mom does not provide built-in image hosting, so you have to host the image somewhere else. Thankfully there are several free services for this. Flickr is the famous one. However, I tend to use ImageShack. Follow that link, click the Browse button and select the picture on your hard drive to upload. It's a good idea to check the Resize Image checkbox. Finally, click Start Upload.

When it finishes uploading, you'll be given two different URLs that point to the hosted image. Copy one of those links (the top one is fine).

Then, in your post on moms4mom, use this markup in your answer:

![Description of Picture](

That's similar to the way you make a regular hyperlink, but you put an exclamation mark in front of it. There's also a button on the editor toolbar you can click to insert the image, and it just asks you for the image URL (which you copied from ImageShack, etc.).


answered 30 Nov '09, 01:56

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wow... that's a little confusing for us non-computery people! :)
but thanks for the info!!

(30 Nov '09, 12:28) DazedandConfused
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