My baby is 8 months old. I know that he shouldn't be getting large quantities of any type of milk other than his milk-based formula. However, he has a fascination with my blueberry oatmeal that I add soy milk to and eat every morning (I make it from scratch so other than the additives in the soy milk, there aren't any other ingredients).

I looked on Wholesome Baby Foods and they advise against giving babies soy milk but it seems to be more from a fear that it might replace formula. I'm not planning on giving him more than a couple baby spoonfuls. I know soy is an allergen for some babies. However, there isn't any history of soy sensitivity in either side of the family (and we all eat a ton of it so I'm pretty sure it would show up if any of us did).

I wouldn't really consider giving it to him except he still isn't eating solid foods very well and I thought it might be good to try giving him something he's showing an interest in. Do you have any thoughts or experience with this?

asked 30 Nov '09, 15:28

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You could give him a bite or two and wait a few days to see how he reacts before giving him more. But I would also suggest talking to your pediatrician about it. There are a lot of conflicting opinions regarding the introduction of solid foods, so just proceed with caution.


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We have a very laid-back pediatrician (which is a good balance for me). Back at 4 months he said the only things we need to avoid are honey and peanut butter (and peanuts I would assume). However, as my husband can attest, I'm sometimes overly paranoid.

(30 Nov '09, 19:00) Kiesa ♦

Honey and nuts can cause health issues if introduced too early. But I read somewhere (can't remember where though) that you should not be afraid to introduce the foods that you eat - ie if your family eats a lot of curry or thai foods, your kid can have it in moderation (and if it is soft enough for them).

(01 Dec '09, 04:30) mkcoehoorn

You may want to think hard about whether to introduce unnecessary soy to a baby's diet at this stage of development. It's not even clear that it's good for adults in the quantities that it's become fashionable for Americans to consume it. See this link for a bit of discussion about the estrogen present in soy products.


answered 30 Nov '09, 17:54

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Thanks for the concern. I believe moderation in everything is important :)

(30 Nov '09, 18:58) Kiesa ♦

It is my opinion that if he is interested in it, let him have a taste. If you are worried about the soy, maybe make it one morning with cow's milk, or breast milk, or no milk. It's a bit of a sacrifice for you, but if it is what gets him interested, it may be worth it.

Since you believe that moderation is important, take your own advice. The likelihood of allergy is low, since you eat it often, presumably during pregnancy, and perhaps if you were nursing. And unless you give him an entire helping of it and you make it with more milk than oatmeal, he's likely not getting much, anyway.


answered 30 Nov '09, 23:39

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