We stopped swaddling our baby when she was 6 weeks old and moved her to baby sleeping bags as she got frustrated with her arms not being free and would wriggle her way out of a wrap.

When she was 4 months old we started swaddling her again during the day to get her to sleep during the day and that worked wonders. She's now 5.5 months old and has begun rolling all over the place. The thing is, is that she won't sleep in the day time unless she's swaddled and she knows that when the baby sleeping bag comes out that it's time for her big overnight sleep.

I've heard that once they start rolling you should stop wrapping them as they can get frustrated at not being able to move. Do you know of any developmental reasons as to when you should stopping swaddling your child? If I stop wrapping her during the day, how can I get her to settle and stop flaying her arms about?

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we were similar to previous comment, and swaddled for as long as it worked till about 5 months, then our LO started escaping and waking lots.... didn't sleep well WITHOUT the swaddle but wouldn't stay in it... we found a sleepsack called the Peke Moe

which worked immediately for our baby... definitely safer once they start rolling/mvoing than not being able to use their arms. all the best!


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I think we swaddled our son until he was about 5 months because he was beginning to move around more and roll over. Although I was not excited about stopping the swaddling, I knew for safety reasons I had to go through a short transition time from swaddling to no swaddling. It did not take too long before he adjusted to his arms being free but I do remember it being a bit difficult for a few days as he had to learn to keep his arms still while he slept. But after that short transition time, it was great . . . I just had to start dressing him warmer :)! Good luck!


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Our son started busting loose from his swaddle around 4 months, but he would still flail his arms a lot and wake himself. Someone suggested we put him in a sleepsack (we used the Halo ones) but to not put his arms through the holes. This kept his arms somewhat contained, but he could move them more than when he was swaddled. He would usually get one or both of his arms through the holes at some point, but it was good enough to get him to sleep. We did this for a month or two and once he gained more control over his arms, we stopped.


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I don't think a specific amount of time is going to help you, every child is different. We found it pretty easy to tell when our baby was sleeping better when swaddled, in a sleep sack, or "free." We swaddled until it was clear that he was less calm that way than with a different option. And it wasn't a single switch -- if I recall, we returned to swaddling later when it seemed to help again, and then back to sleep sacks, then free.


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