Just about everyone I know with a baby seems to have the same problem with baby socks. You put them on at the beginning of the day, and then spend the rest of the day putting them back on. Now that the weather is getting colder my little guy needs something to keep his feet warm. I've tried putting on socks as well as baby shoes/slippers. But, he seems to kick these off just as quickly. This seems to be a common problem and I'm hoping someone out there has come up with a solution!

So, has anyone found a way to keep baby's socks on?

asked 02 Dec '09, 04:23

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+1 nice question! we lost quite a few socks because of the kicking off!

(02 Dec '09, 12:16) Emi

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If we are going out or somewhere where my daughter needs to have socks on I will usually have a pair of Robeez (http://robeez.com/) on her. They are soft leather shoes that she can't get off. Otherwise she can pull off almost any socks and shoes if she wants to.


answered 02 Dec '09, 14:52

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I'm a big Robeez fan too

(02 Dec '09, 15:48) Kate

Agree with the Robeez!

(02 Dec '09, 18:17) Melissa 1

Bobux shoes work well for this too. Same sort of soft leather. I love both brands!

(03 Dec '09, 06:15) BetsyB

Just wanted to add an update: We asked for a pair of Robeez for Christmas. Our son has been wearing his new shoes everyday since and he has not been able to kick or pull them off!

(08 Jan '10, 21:39) cat_g

This is a tough one! We found that socks with good elastic in them tended to leave red marks around our daughters ankles, so we avoided them. We had several different attempts at keeping her feet covered;

  • We bought a soft leather shoe Star child that she wore on top of her socks. These particular shoes were hard to kick off. ( I remember that 100% cotton socks were kicked off or even fell off very easily so I would only use the cotton socks with the leather shoes above.

  • Sockettes with the non slip-soles for babies similiar to these (These were hard to find but came off less because they had a soft elasticated feel all over, and they did keep her feet very warm so we were not too keen on using them unless it was really cold.

  • We used "all in ones" similar to this and tights during winter


answered 02 Dec '09, 12:56

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One tip I was given which seems to work well is to use tights for a few weeks. I had to search quite hard for non girly tights for my son (plain white, grey or cream,) but basically after a while of him trying to pull them off and realising he couldn't, when I then switched back to socks he didn't seem bothered by them at all.


answered 07 Dec '09, 18:47

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Yup, tights, my daughter wears the pink and purple ones, and my son wears the black and navy blue ones. I live in an extremely cold place, though, and I'm just as worried about keeping their little butts warm as I am their feet. (-29 C. as I write this.)

(31 Jan '10, 07:54) Neen

The only socks our kids haven't been able to kick off are Gap Kids socks. They're more elastic-y than most, I think. $10 for five pairs, which is a little steep IMO, but I suppose hypothermia treatment is more expensive! :-)


answered 02 Dec '09, 15:31

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+1 - We bought nothing but Gap Kids socks when my kids were babies. Not the cheapest around, but good quality stuff.

(08 Dec '09, 11:54) Graeme

We have a pair of these adjustable leather mocassin-like shoes (similar to these). They aren't a replacement for socks, but normal shoes that go over the socks. They are gender-neutral, have velcro adjustment straps so they grow with your baby, and last practically forever, so you only ever need one pair no matter how many kids you have (multiple-births excepted, sorry Mr. Skeet). And the big thing was that for some reason our kids couldn't kick them off. Put them on in the morning and they generally stay there most of the day.


answered 02 Dec '09, 22:12

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Joel Coehoorn
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In addition to the Robeez trick, I also use Stonz Booties quite a bit.

They are big enough that you can wear them over socks or over socks & Robeez-type shoes if you're going outside. They have 2 toggles - one at the opening and one around the ankle, which make them difficult to kick off (although not impossible!)


answered 02 Dec '09, 15:51

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I have a 5 month old who can't seem to keep socks on her feet. We figured out that we have spent over $200 trying to find socks that stay on and....GYMBOREE SOCKS STAY ON! I love them and they were worth the money for SURE!


answered 15 Aug '10, 05:46

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Try baby undersocks. They are baby thermal underpants with socks sewn in. SOOOOOO great for chilly weather because they not only keep thick socks on, but they provide protection for the legs too. 20 month old wears them all the time. love them.

baby undersocks

undersocks on amazon


answered 14 Oct '12, 12:36

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Look for a sock with really good elastic in them. I think Carters makes some great ones! You can also try putting little slippers on to help keep their feet warm!


answered 02 Dec '09, 07:57

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Melissa 1
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We found regular socks to stay on fine but our kids feet are quite big - I've posted a summary of sock keeper options after a friend noted Toasty Toes to me and I thought they were quite a good idea. They're a fluffy booty with an in built wrap around strap that looks a little reminiscent of roman sandal strapping, but only a little. Like I said, there's 8 or 10 different ones on that link.


answered 11 Oct '10, 14:16

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