We were recommended miracle blankets (http://www.miracleblanket.com/) for swaddling and they have worked a charm. What was the best thing you bought for your new baby?

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asked 02 Dec '09, 22:14

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Scott ♦♦

+1 the blankets look great! We had to make do with learning how swaddle with a standard square blanket. :-)

(03 Dec '09, 00:37) Peter K.

It doesn't matter what we've bought - they loved the box it came in the best. :-D

(10 Dec '09, 04:17) Adam Davis

Lots and lots of muslins. Fabulously simple, you can never have enough.

Grobags - no more worrying about blankets.

Simple pouch slings - not the ones that look like rucksack, but just pieces of sewn cotton. Very handy for carrying both twins at the same time. Unfortunately I can't remember the make at the moment, but I can ask Holly if anyone wants a specific recommendation.

For ourselves - a Tivo. Back when PVRs were relatively rare, this was a sanity-saver; we didn't want to have to manually record everything, but when we had to pop upstairs to comfort our eldest at unpredictable times, being able to pause whatever we were watching was bliss. We've moved on from Tivo itself, but the whole PVR concept is still fab. We're now addicted to subtitles, admittedly.

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answered 03 Dec '09, 07:16

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Jon Skeet
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+1 subtitles. Let the kid play and have fun without being drowned out cause I want to watch the news.

(03 Dec '09, 07:17) MrChrister

+1 for the grobags! Our daughter as slept in them overnight since she was 6 weeks old. We have them in all TOGS and always one to wear and one for the wash. Wouldn't use any other brand either.

(08 Dec '09, 01:32) Lin

+1 for the TIVO/PVR/Freeview+

(08 Dec '09, 09:36) codeinthehole.com

answered 02 Dec '09, 22:18

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As homeopathy, those can be described as "expensive sugar tablets". :-/

(02 Dec '09, 22:43) ceejayoz

expensive sugar tablets or not, It has been my experience that they work really well to calm/relieve our baby's pain.

(02 Dec '09, 23:19) Sabrina

I checked the ingredients before using them. There is more to it than inactive sugar compounds. There are herbal pain relievers in the tablets, but they are in baby sized doses.

(02 Dec '09, 23:32) mkcoehoorn

be careful with some teething tablets, as they contain (small amounts) of the potentially harmful herb belladonna. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atropa_belladonna)

(03 Dec '09, 19:30) DarwinsMom

That's why you should always read the dosing instructions on any medication or vitamin, regardless of what it is, who makes it, or who will be taking it.

(04 Dec '09, 04:52) mkcoehoorn

The Bumbo it works great for when they can't sit up on their own but want to see what is going on and then it doubles as a high chair if you buy the $12 tray! We used that as his high chair for more than 6 months. Space saver and cheaper!!

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answered 03 Dec '09, 07:08

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Melissa 1
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For the baby himself, good quality diapers.

For my wife, a Boppy nursing pillow. That thing has been the single most useful item we bought, period.


answered 02 Dec '09, 22:30

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Matthew Jones
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Snug as a Bug baby travel wraps - great alternative to a traditional blanket and fantastic for moving about from car to pram without unwrapping.

Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me baby wrap - when you have a wriggly baby, these wraps are fantastic at keeping them swaddled and are a breeze to use

Travel system capsule/bassinette/stroller - the capsule was a godsend for us, enabling us to move our little one from car to pram without waking her. We have the Strider DLX, which the new version now includes a toddler seat - Strider Plus

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answered 03 Dec '09, 05:56

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A travel system of some sort is great. We got a "frame stroller" that the car seat snaps into that is really light and not as bulky as some of the other strollers. We're planning to use our jogging stroller as our main stroller once he outgrows the first car seat.

(07 Dec '09, 14:50) Kiesa ♦

A comfortable car seat. We took a hand me down for our first seat and compared to the new seat we tied our daughter to a board. Car trips got lots easier once we got her a nicer seat.

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answered 03 Dec '09, 07:16

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Wubbanub pacifiers. The specialty shop at our hospital sold them, and they do wonders. The attached stuffed animal helps hold (but not force) the pacifier in the baby's mouth, and gives them a huge target to grasp at when they start using their hands too.


answered 02 Dec '09, 22:45

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A baby sling. Carrying my babies (one at a time of course) with it is wonderful!

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answered 03 Dec '09, 13:48

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The best thing we ever got wasn't used until our baby was 2 months old, but Fisher Price's Ocean Wonders Aquarium has been a lifesaver in getting our baby to love being in his crib.

We have been sleep-training him to fall asleep for naps and bedtime on his own, and he is able to do this watching the fish, bubbles and serene lights while at the same time listening to soothing music (there are many great choices). You can also turn the lights and movement off and keep the music on, or vice-versa.

He also loves looking at his aquarium in the morning. When he first gets up, I put it on for him as he is waking up. Not only does this buy me 15 more minutes in bed, but he loves to coo and talk to his fish in the morning.

My sister's daughter also loved this aquarium. My sister would often hear her 2-year old awaken in the early morning, push it on herself, then fall back to sleep!

It's 50 bucks, but well worth the money.

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answered 07 Dec '09, 14:48

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We bought a La-Z-Boy rocker which has been amazing. The model we have can recline till it is almost flat. I found it very helpful to doze in either while feeding our baby or when he couldn't settle down without extra help. Also, when the inevitable colds come, it's sometimes easier to sleep slightly elevated in the rocker instead of the bed.

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answered 13 Dec '09, 18:26

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