My 4 year old daughter needs her tongue clipped. We had a great appointment with a local oral surgeon to get an overview of the procedure, which is by nature pretty straight forward and not too big of a deal.

They intend to give her an oral sedative in the waiting room, let it settle in, then give her some laughing gas in the surgical room. In rare cases they would resort to general anesthesia if the child is not cooperative (the DR said this was extremely rare).

Now to the question: the office's policy is to not allow the parent to walk the child back or be in the surgical room at all. I understand a doctor not wanting have a parent looking over their shoulder during the procedure and do not have a problem with that. However, I find it odd that a parent can't even walk their 4 year old back to the room and settle them down before exiting so the procedure can take place amongst a bunch of strangers.

Is this typical? My wife is uncomfortable that she can't take our daughter back and settle her down before exiting.


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I can't say much for individual hospital policy, but as a health care professional for 12 years, going in and out of operating rooms, it is a pretty serious business of keeping things sterile. This means in and out of the room itself. Corridors and even the recovery room are carefully kept because of the amount of surgical staff traffic that goes between.

Cesarean deliveries are a bit different because they expect and have made special arrangements with their staff and procedures to accommodate observers who have no prior training in maintaining sterile fields.


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Sterility makes sense too.

(03 Dec '09, 01:27) bbrown

Good answer, +1. Maintaining a sterile OR is vital to the kid's health.

(03 Dec '09, 15:05) ceejayoz

Our daughters have had an adenoidectomy, a birthmark removal, and three tubes inserted in their ears between them. Never once were we allowed to accompany them back to the operating room. Each time (except once), if memory serves, the girl melted down at being taken away.

It was unfortunate, but the anesthesia kicks in pretty quickly. I wouldn't suspect that it's an issue of non-medical staff being in the operating room since my mother-in-law and me were present during my wife's cesarean. I think that it's more an issue of helicopter parents or the possibility of them.


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