I love to shower, and I love to be with my baby boys. A natural conclusion is that I would like to bring a baby with me while I shower. However, common sense tells me that it is too early with seven weeks old babies. But I don't know why common sense tells me this...

What are the reasons why I shouldn't shower with little babies?

What is an appropriate age to start doing it?

asked 03 Dec '09, 17:24

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Tammy ♦♦

I would think that, if you are careful, you should be able to take a shower with your babies as early as they can take a bath. However, a couple of points:

  1. Turn your water heater down to 120 deg F. (49 deg Cel). Any higher could burn young skin and cause permanent damage.
  2. The noise can freak out very small babies. Just be careful, and have both parents present if possible (maybe one in the shower and one out, in case the baby just isn't having it.)
  3. From Jeff: Showers can be very slippery, so add a non-slip mat to the bottom of the shower to prevent slipping.
  4. From dreamerisme: Babies become very slippery when wet, so use great care, especially with soap.

Point 1 is taken from The New Father by Armin Brott. Point 2 comes from my own personal experience (my son just wasn't having it.)

UPDATE: My wife and I have done this enough times with our son that he has gotten to the point where he smiles if the shower is turned on. Yay for persistence!


answered 03 Dec '09, 17:31

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Matthew Jones
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+1 very well said in my opinion!

(03 Dec '09, 17:32) Emi

Nice answer. Add in the points made by Jeff and dreamerisme, and I'll make it the accepted answer.

(03 Dec '09, 19:37) runaros

I think that @Igritz and @Matthew_Jones' answers are both good. Although, the first concern that came into my head was not as much about dropping my baby as about myself slipping on the floor of the shower (depending on the texture, of course). If the shower is an enamel shower-tub combo, that surface can be very slippery. I would definitely add a non-slip mat in the bottom of the tub. (Our two showers are fiberglass shower stalls with a textured bottom, so it's not so much of a concern in our case.)


answered 03 Dec '09, 18:06

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Good point with the non-slip mat.

(03 Dec '09, 19:37) runaros

We started showering with our baby when he was no more than 2-3 months, basically as soon as he was stable enough that we could hold him in one hand (actually, probably more a function of how early WE were comfortable that we could hold him with one hand and not drop him). Obviously we were careful with temperature, water splashing in his face and scaring him, etc.

It was SOOO convenient and he loved it, so we just kept doing it and never really used baths after that except for occasional play.


answered 03 Dec '09, 17:48

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+1 I have come to the conclusion that fathers are more practical regarding showers :)

(03 Dec '09, 19:18) Emi

Actually, my wife got the confidence to do this earlier than I did. I was a few weeks behind before I realized I wasn't really going to drop him.

(03 Dec '09, 22:39) lgritz

WARNING: Babies become SUPER slippery when soaped up. We tried the shower routine a couple of times but utlimately found it to be too risky for us personally. Besides which, most babies love the bath with bubbles, floaty toys and lots of splash time.


answered 03 Dec '09, 19:21

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+1 good point about slippery babies!

(03 Dec '09, 19:26) DarwinsMom

Good point about being careful with soap.

(03 Dec '09, 19:37) runaros

I can see how it's super-dangerous to have a soaped up baby, especially if you have soft water which makes it even more slippery.

(04 Dec '09, 22:06) Scott ♦♦

Yeah, you have to have a good holding position where friction isn't needed to keep them in place. Once you've got that figured out, though, and can hold them confidently even when squirming, it works out pretty well.

(10 Dec '09, 04:10) Adam Davis

In case you haven't discovered them yet, there are such things as shower slings which hold your baby on you while you shower, reducing the risk of dropping the wet slippery baby.


answered 20 Dec '09, 14:17

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Meg Stephenson
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+1 for mentioning shower slings. It is a great invention! Our baby was just 2 weeks when he was first time in a shower with me - in a shower sling :)

(13 Jan '10, 17:09) HW

When our our son was old enough to sit up we let him sit on the shower floor and play while we showered with the hand held shower head.


answered 16 Dec '09, 22:14

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My baby loves the water, so I took him in when he was a little older than a month. I read somewhere that wearing cotton gloves can help moms and dads keep a grip on slippery babies. I haven't tried it, but it sounds like it could help.


answered 26 Jul '10, 14:40

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my baby started showering with my mom at roughly 3 weeks... after her dead cord fell off. we have found she loves the shower and will put her head back so that the spray hits her face. we have no shower sling but have found that a shower/bath chair and a wash cloth on the knee along with a firm grip is enough to keep the baby safe. :-)


answered 11 Aug '15, 10:19

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