We will be visiting our parents for a couple of weeks around Christmas. At that point, our baby will be almost 9 months. My mother keeps asking me what type of childproofing we want them to do ahead of time. However, I'm not sure what to say. What are the top things I should be worried about when visiting other people's houses for an extended visit?

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(04 Dec '09, 20:17) Emi

My mom and MIL went through their houses as if it were their own child and then we made adjustments as needed.

(06 Dec '09, 00:57) mkcoehoorn

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(06 Dec '09, 15:40) Chris W. Rea

All great answers. I don't think I can pick just one as "accepted."

(11 Dec '09, 15:54) Kiesa ♦

My 8.5 month old is crawling, but doesn't ever mind being confined to a place, as long as we're there with her. So maybe just make sure there's one room where it's easy and fun for everyone to hang out in (we usually just block off our living room area) and, you know, pay attention to what she's doing.

To be honest, my biggest godsend while traveling was having a highchair ready for her to sit in when we arrived. She'll entertain herself for a GOOD long time with toys or snacks if I'm not able to hang out with her for a period of time. [And if your baby's iffy about hanging out with "new" people like mine is, she'll appreciate having a little distance - like a tray - between her and whomever is talking to her... And they don't have to feel guilty about making her cry/get offended by her shyness.]

There's really is no better baby-proofing than either making sure you're with the baby the whole time or they're confined to a safe seat while you can't pay 100% attention! If you're the type that can't really think of things that need to be baby-proofed, maybe you don't need anything to be! Just see if they'll pick up a cheap highchair for you. :)


answered 04 Dec '09, 18:08

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Electrical outlets and low electrical cords always scared me the most. Maybe your parents could get some socket covers and zip ties to block outlets and bundle cords out of reach of the baby.


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Also be on the lookout for vases and potted plants and things that might be easily toppled over. 9 months is the beginning of cruising age, so baby will be trying to pull himself up using anything he can touch. People who don't have kids (or haven't had babies in the house for many years) don't always realize how unstable some small tables are because they never pull on them. But if Junior pulls on it, you don't want the vase on top of it to come crashing down on his head.


answered 04 Dec '09, 11:54

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Depending on the setup of your parents' house, a gate for the stairs. At both our house and my parents' house, the main living area is upstairs, so it's very important for us to have a gate across the stairs to keep our son (and soon our daughter too) from tumbling down. Yours is right at that age where they are really starting to move around, but still don't have a lot of control or stability.


answered 04 Dec '09, 15:47

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All great answers so far, but another one I would add is check low cupboards/drawers for dangers: medications, cleaners, little things (choking) etc.

I would also recommend taking a a few cupboard locks with you.


answered 04 Dec '09, 15:57

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