This will be a North-American centric question. We bought a bunch of child-proof outlet covers (Safety 1st brand). Here's a picture:

Outlet Covers

Unfortunately our 15 month old budding engineer has figured out how to remove them! Can anyone recommend ones that are actually child-proof?

asked 04 Dec '09, 18:04

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Scott ♦♦
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We use the original, plain Safety 1st "Outlet Plugs" that can be found in a 30-pack. They don't have "fancy" features like the newer ones. They stick in, and they are hard to get out without using something with an edge for assistance. They hurt my fingers when I tried unassisted!


answered 05 Dec '09, 05:31

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Chris W. Rea
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At my Center and at home we have this kind of plug covers it is a new plates you put on over the entire outlet and then you just slide the cover over to plug it in. There is also a kind that the cover twist.


answered 04 Dec '09, 19:18

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We used these for years. In fact, my kids are 7 and 10 now but many of the plugs in our house still have these.

(05 Dec '09, 02:26) Graeme

These type are especially lovely for the outlets you use a lot. We started with the original-type outlet covers but they drove me nuts trying to remove them every time I needed to vacuum.

(10 Jun '10, 23:24) Kiesa ♦

I'm not sure about your genius baby, but my little girl with tiny and very nimble fingers (with an outrageous attention to detail and very long attention span) can't do a THING to our Ikea outlet covers, no matter how diligently she tries.

[Because I'm new here, they won't let me post a picture (weird).]

Anyway, they're darn hard for even me to get them out -- the red one acts as a "key" to more easily get them out when you want to.

I know not everyone lives near Ikea, though, and they unfortunately don't sell these online.


answered 04 Dec '09, 18:15

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Melanie 1
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Hi. You have to get 15 reputation before you can post more than one link, or an image. It's an anti-spam, anti-abuse thing. Trust me, it's necessary. You should have enough now. :-)

(04 Dec '09, 18:59) Scott ♦♦

Ha ha we have a budding engineer in the family too that has learned how to remove several types. We gave up and installed electrocution guards on the plugs themselves. Theses are accordian like rubber skirts that go around the prongs on the individual plugs so that when she plugs them in or unplugs them she is not touching the prongs at all and cannot get in contact with the electricity. These work well for that purpose. They wont stop her from jamming other things into he outlets and potentially harming herself but so far she has no interest in experimenting. She just really enjoys plugging and unlugging the proper plugs like a strange puzzle I guess


answered 04 Dec '09, 18:11

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It's hard to tell from the picture on these, but I think this is the type they have at our church. They are very hard to get off even for adults and have good reviews to say the same.


answered 04 Dec '09, 23:14

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We used simple plastic covers (two prongs that stick into the jacks).

Nothing space-age and we didn't have any issues.


answered 06 Dec '09, 09:04

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