In the past I have printed off letters from Santa for my 2 son's at Christmas that were addressed just to them but written by my wife and I. This year my 9yr old used the website to send Santa a letter. The letter was clearly an automated thing and he was a little upset that Santa didn't know that the Xbox game he wanted wasn't "Computer Software".

I would like to be able to have the boys send either a written letter or an email to Santa and receive a letter or email back that I can write and personalize.

Has anyone had any success with a pay service? Is there a free way to do that? Any services to avoid?


The Canadian post office has an option to write an email to Santa. I wrote a letter to test the service out and here is the response:

My dear little friend Jeff,

My, what a pleasure it was to read your email! When I receive messages from children like you, it brings a big, big smile to my face. It may be very cold at the North Pole, but your note makes me feel warm inside.

What's new at the North Pole? Well, everyone's scurrying about preparing for Christmas. We've all got our special jobs to do, but it doesn't seem like work because we have so much fun.

The other day, some of the younger elves came to the house with a big surprise for Mrs. Claus and me. They wrote a special Christmas poem and it's absolutely wonderful! Are you ready to hear it? It's called Christmas is Almost Here.

Christmas is almost here A day we hold so dear The toys are being crafted Santa's letters are being drafted And we couldn't be more excited Because children every where will be so delighted

Do you like to write poems? Maybe when you send your message to me next year, you can write a special poem for me! I hope that you have a very merry Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Love, Santa

Not the response I was hoping for. Better than making the mistake of calling an Xbox game computer software but not personal at all.

At this point I might just have them write the letters and pretend to mail them out without any response. We are asking Santa to come to our house early since we will be traveling to the in-laws on Christmas and wanted to have a personal note from Santa that he will make an early visit.

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Jeff Alexander
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Scott ♦♦

Looks like a canned response. My understanding of the actual post service (lettermail) is that the responses are hand-written.

(10 Dec '09, 22:43) Scott ♦♦

If you live in Canada, volunteers at the post office every year will respond to your letter if you send it to:

Santa Claus
North Pole
Canada H0H 0H0

It should work for you outside of Canada as well. More information.


answered 04 Dec '09, 20:02

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Scott ♦♦
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We don't live in Canada but it looks like it may still work as they answer Santa letters from around the world. Maybe I'll test-run their email service first.

(04 Dec '09, 20:36) Jeff Alexander

I think there's a US version of this, too.

(05 Dec '09, 14:01) ceejayoz

There's also the added benefit of giving your kid a geography lesson. If they notice the Canadian postmark, you can pull out a globe or map and show them where the North Pole is and tell them that Canada is a lot closer to Santa than your local post office.

(06 Dec '09, 00:49) mkcoehoorn

Love the 'Ho, Ho, Ho' zip code :)

(11 Dec '09, 09:29) Mungo

Why don't you create an account, have them email there, and answer yourself?

I bet [email protected] is available.


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I like this idea, but I think there is also something special about receiving the letter on red/white striped paper and most importantly that it arrives in the mail with your name on it. :)

(04 Dec '09, 22:58) Sabrina

Is paper really used nowadays? :) Really, we are thinking too last-generationally I think

(11 Dec '09, 00:21) JJJ

I just received this from a friend, and it looks like it could be useful for you.

Portable North Pole

Instead of a letter you get a personalised video message from an authentic looking Santa.

I haven't tried it yet but it looks rather fun


answered 06 Dec '09, 19:59

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You could give the 'Portable North Pole' a try. It's not a letter, but it is customised ;)


answered 11 Dec '09, 09:29

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I can't find the link anymore but a couple years ago I saw some folks who had a pretty neat looking service.

They used Skype video to do a personal one-on-one meeting with Santa.


Looks like the one I'm thinking of no longer exists... it was a pretty neat idea though...

Maybe someone else picked up the idea and ran with it?


answered 11 Dec '09, 06:20

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