Infants are washed by their parents in a bath, usually (I haven't heard of an exception, but I don't needlessly generalize). Toddlers, like my 2yo daughter, are given supervised baths, with the occasional splash of water over their head.

At what age can a toddler take a real shower? How can we tell when she is ready? While we're on the subject, if we don't want her to shower with one of us, how do we give her a shower without getting ourselves half soaked?

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Well, now you have heard an exception!

This question on Moms4Mom covers the topic also. I'll largely repeat and amend my answer here:

We started showering with our baby when he was no more than 2-3 months, basically as soon as he was stable enough that we could hold him in one hand (actually, probably more a function of how early WE were comfortable that we could hold him with one hand and not drop him). Showering was SOOO convenient and he loved it, so we just kept doing it and never really used baths after that except for occasional play.

There is no particular reason why a toddler, or even infant, can't be in a shower. Observe common sense: make sure the water isn't too hot, don't freak the baby out by splashing the water right in his face, use a really gentle no-tears soap and/or shampoo, etc. We have a "walk in" shower with a rough surface, which made things easy; if you have a slippery tub shower, obviously you should put down one of those rubber mats so he/she (or you, when holding baby) don't slip.

He's 3+ years now. He certainly can take a shower "by himself" -- i.e. him inside the shower, us outside supervising, and with him rubbing soap randomly around his body. But usually he prefers to take his showers with us in the morning at our usual shower time, so there is no issue of how to do it without getting ourselves soaked (we're in the shower anyway).

Start with co-showering so he gets the hang of the process, and it'll be clear when you are at the point that you don't have to be in with him.


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+1 I totally agree with you.

(06 Dec '09, 18:13) Emi

We're not really into co-showering, but we'll give it a try, see how it works out. 10x =8-)

(06 Dec '09, 20:58) Yuval

My son started taking showers when he was almost 3 years old. He's almost 7 now and he does it by himself. I tried doing the showering thing with my daughter when she was an infant but I was always afraid of dropping her so I didn't do it again. She's been taking showers for the past year only because her hair is so long. She stands in the shower and I wash her hair and she does the rest. She's now four and a half.


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Lisa C
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So you started showering your children at age 3, if I understand correctly... Can you elaborate on the transition from bath to shower?

(08 Dec '09, 07:27) Yuval

I talked with my daughter and explained to her how a shower works with her. Then a couple days later I had her shower with me. I would block the water with my body so she wouldn't be scared. I did this for a about a week, letting her "play" in the water then eventually she wasn't scared of the water. She now goes in to shower by herself and I stand outside and help her.

It was just a slow transition but worth it.

(10 Dec '09, 06:09) Lisa C

We started giving our daughter showers early but first we would start by having them in the tub and turn on the shower with the water positioned off to the side so they could get used to the sound then we got them to feel the water and stopped there to start with. The next bath we used the shower ( If they were ok with it then) to rinse their hair. And really just kept building form there. Our current house has a shower head on a hose which makes it even easier them. Please remember to make it fun to take a shower since kids already know they like bathes and they get to play in them. Might be able to get some bath crayons to help make it fun.


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