What unique, interesting, and offbeat holiday gifts have you given to new parents? We are looking for clever ideas for another couple we know.

We are not looking for anything as ordinary as ornaments; we want the community's most innovative, unusual, even downright crazy ideas that are still useful or thoughtful to help our friends celebrate this new chapter in their (and coincidentally our) lives.

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asked 07 Dec '09, 04:00

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Matthew Jones
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A coupon/gift card collection.

-One gift card for a (one time) house cleaner.

-One homemade coupon for a few times of free babysitting so your friends can go out on a date (soo important!).

-One gift card for pizza or fast food delivery so they can have an at home date where they don't have to cook or clean up!

You could call them Stress Free Parenting Coupons or something like that. They each take a little stress off from being a parent for a little while. :)

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answered 08 Dec '09, 23:07

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+1 for the food coupon! We never seem to have time to make dinner AND clean up.

(10 Dec '09, 02:47) cat_g

I got a big box of batteries, some side cutters (aka dykes depending where you are from) so we had power and could open the plastic packaging on all the baby gifts right away and hook my daughter up.

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answered 07 Dec '09, 08:46

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A SIL gave us a book called Eats, Poops and Leaves, a book full of parenting humor.

Another time, my mom filled my daughter's stocking with socks.

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answered 08 Dec '09, 05:05

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Get a quilt made of various family sayings, pictures, kid stats, etc.

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answered 07 Dec '09, 13:59

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One that looks like a ruler, and you can stitch in a simple line at the kids height. Rather than mark up a wall, you put it on a quilt forever

(07 Dec '09, 17:51) MrChrister
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