I have blue eyes (a recessive trait) and my wife has brown eyes (a dominant trait). Currently (eight weeks old) our son has blue eyes, something we did not expect (my wife is a biology major, and she told me the likelyhood of our son having blue eyes was small). I know infants eye color may change, so the question is, at what point does a baby's eye color become permanent?

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In some people, eye color can vary with age throughout life, but for most babies, their eye color will be permanent once they are 9-12 months old.


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When our son was born, he had very dark blue eyes. At about 3 months, I noticed what looked like little flecks of gold mixed into the blue. A few weeks later, his eyes had become completely golden brown. Both my husband and I have brown eyes, so like you, we weren't expecting our baby to have blue eyes. But, watching his eyes change colours was very interesting.

The genetics of eye colour is a peculiar thing - both my parents had brown eyes, yet my sisters and I all had different eye colours - brown, blue and hazel.

In "The Baby Book" by Dr. William Sears, he writes:

"Darker eyes, brown or dark green, usually stay dark, especially in darker-skinned races: African American, Indian, and Asian. Lighter eyes (blue, gray) are less predictable, often going through many color changes in the first three months before settling on a color direction by three months and darkening to their final color by six to twelve months."

He also writes:

"Add eye color to the many fleeting changes of the early months. Photo capture it while you can."


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I think you're mis-informed as far as the likelihood of having blue eyes. Both my parents had brown eyes (Bb and Bb; i.e. one grandparent from either side had blue eyes), but I ended up with blue (well, gray) eyes.

Check out this site for some examples.


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I may be misinformed, but I assure you my wife is not. She did a genetic family tree, and showed that each of her parents and grandparents had brown eyes. We were wondering if our son could have blue eyes if someone older than her grandparents was the last person in her family to have them.

(08 Dec '09, 03:50) Matthew Jones

That's only two generations - plenty of time for a single recessive allele to hang out in the gene pool without being expressed.

(08 Dec '09, 21:07) ceejayoz

Recessive genes can hang out for generations before being expressed. Brown eyed grandparents and parents don't make it particularly unlikely. As you've got blue eyes, all that was needed was one blue eye allele in one of your wife's grandparents.

Also remember that even "one-in-a-million" means about 7,000 occurrences in the Earth's population. We say the phrase like it means impossible, but it really means it happens thousands of times.

All that said, I've been told by the NICU nurses that most babies start blue, and settle on a colour by 1 year.


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My eye color was dark blue grey until I was two, then they turned brown hazel. So obviously they can change after 1 year,

My great grandfather on my dad's side is the only one in 5 generations on either side (we're well documented) that had blue eyes. My maternal grandfather's sister is the only one in 5 generations (on either side) who had green eyes. Everyone else's in my entire family (both sides) are brown or hazel.


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I don't know my ten year old had blonde hair and blue eyes like me tell she was about 2 and they both changed to brown hair and brown eyes like her dad


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I was born with blue eyes, both of my parents have blue eyes, but between the ages of four and six years old, my eye colour changed to hazel. Out of my four grandparents, three are hazel while the fourth one has brown eyes. Out of the family I grew up in, four children, the other three have blue eyes. My two little girls are born with blue eyes and my husband also has blue eyes. So I think it's quite unpredictable when the eye colour becomes permanent.


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