My wife wanted me to ask a couple of questions on this site. Here is this first one.

What are some ideas for reducing/minimizing stretch marks postpartum? Will they go away eventually, without assistance?

asked 08 Dec '09, 15:19

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Matthew Jones
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I don't really have any references at hand, but every single doctor, nurse or other medical person, every magazine and health journal, and information from the government have stated that there is nothing, nada, zilch you can do about stretchmarks. You have no control over how many you will get, how brutal they will look, and how long they will last. For some they go away some time after birth, while some are doomed to look like a polish road map forever. There might be some companies trying to sell anti-stretchmark-lotions who might try to convince you otherwise, but they might just have an economic insentive to say that, and no actual scientific data to back it up.

Besides, who really cares. Sure, if I were a single guy who could choose between two exact similar girls where the only difference were that one girl had stretchmarks and the other didn't, I'd probably choose the one without. But having witnessed my girl going through a twin birth, I honestly think the marks on her body just makes her more beautiful. So save the worries for something more important ;)


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Tammy ♦♦

However, should anyone prove me wrong and have concrete methods that really helps, my girl is really interested in knowing what they are...

(08 Dec '09, 15:53) runaros

+1 I like your answer alot.

(08 Dec '09, 23:26) Emi

+1 - great answer! When I look in the mirror and shudder, my husband reassures me and tells me I did it for our baby - and he's right... stretch marks are just love marks of a mother.

(09 Dec '09, 01:09) Lin

I dont't think that "Stretch Marks" can just go away but I do think that regular massage (using a special massage mitten) steam bath, saunas and keeping the skin really well moisturized can greatly improve the texture and thus effect the appearance of skin.

Also I think that if you are able to feel good about your body, along with taking the time to care and pamaper yourself a little, (after you have given birth this is easier said than done in my opinion) you may not notice the stretch marks too much.

I think it is logical to say that a good diet, drinking plenty of water, along with regular exercise would all probably be beneficial too, combined with the points above.

Additionally this article about Stretch marks and pregnancy lists some creams and treatments that could be "helpful"


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In my experience, my stretch marks have started to fade, but only recently. (My baby is now 7 months old.) And like Emi, I think that keeping the skin well moisturized helps. Near the end of my pregnancy when it felt like the skin was constantly stretching, my OB recommended using olive oil to moisturize - its an all natural product. I don't know if it helped prevent the stretch marks from getting worse, but it certainly made my skin feel better. I continued to use a bit of olive oil on my stretch marks for a few weeks postpartum while my skin was shrinking back down.

I'd also like to add that a friend of mine referred to all the changes in her body as "badges of motherhood to be worn proudly." I think of that whenever I miss the way my body used to look. And I think that my little guy was definitely worth it. :)


answered 10 Dec '09, 02:44

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+1 I agree about the badges of motherhood. I recall being told by an antenatal teacher that they ought to be called "mummy-marks".

(10 Dec '09, 18:18) Meg Stephenson

One of my favorite quotes form pregnancy was from a friend of mine:

"If you want to prevent stretch marks, all you have to do is have a different mother".

I'm pretty sure that extends to post partum "recovery" of stretch marks.


answered 08 Dec '09, 21:41

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