I'm worried about how my 4 month old will deal with all the hustle and bustle in and out of our house over the holidays. He is a very good baby, so long as we stick to his routine....he takes all of his daytime naps in his crib and sleeps from 7:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. almost every night. He enjoys being home and often gets upset if we are at someone else's house. If he is up too much throughout the night or doesn't get good naps he gets really crabby.

Over the holidays he will be visiting family & there will be a few dinner parties at our house. He will probably end up in bed closer to 9 p.m. on some nights and will be doing more activity during the day than he is used to.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can help my baby deal with a lack of structure over the holidays?

& will his regular routine be ruined / will we have to start all over getting him back into his regular routine?

asked 08 Dec '09, 19:03

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I would just suggest that you try and maintain his sleeping times if at all possible because being tired coupled with the sudden increased activity and increased number of people around him could be too much for a four month old. This could then lead to increased crabbiness in my opinion.

Having said that, I am sure he will also have fun, because of the environs, the decorations, the trees, music and so on, but at the same time family members who mean well, could also seem overwhelming to him, so I would try and keep that under control too.

Things do go back to normal though in my experience, without too much hassle.

Happy Holidays!


answered 08 Dec '09, 20:22

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+1 for trying to maintain his sleeping times.

(10 Dec '09, 02:33) cat_g

In addition to Emi's advice, when you are away from home make sure you take familiar toys and blankets for him to nap with. Having a security blanket/bear goes a long way towards helping settle a fussy baby down.


answered 09 Dec '09, 16:47

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+1 for familiar items! Yes it really can comfort them!

(09 Dec '09, 17:01) Emi

+1 I also agree with the familiar items!

(10 Dec '09, 02:33) cat_g

I agree with Emi about trying to maintain his sleeping times. And I also agree with mkcoehoorn about having some familiar toys. We often read the same books at bedtime at home and so I try to read those books at bedtime when we away, as well.

About once a month, I take our now 7 month old out of town to visit my parents. I have a very large extended family and everyone wants to hold the baby, play with him, etc. I have found that for our baby, it is important to:

1) Respect his sleeping times, as much as possible. If we are out and he cannot have a nap in his bed, then I put him in the stroller or in a baby carrier for a nap.

2) Make sure that he frequently has some quiet time away from all the well-meaning people who may overwhelm my little guy. I have found that if I take him to a quiet room about once an hour and spend a few minutes alone with him, this really helps keep him from getting grumpy.

3) Be flexible. Sometimes during a family visit, dinner is at 7pm and his bedtime is 6pm. So, he may not get to bed on time. That is usually okay as long as he still gets some naps and quiet time during the day. I also find that the baby carrier really helps to keep him calm.

With respect to your concerns about your baby's routine: Overall, about once a month, my little guy has his schedule disrupted for a weekend. As soon as we are back home, it has been very easy to get him back into his usual routine. And if I could put words in his mouth, he seems almost relieved when we get back home and get back into his familiar routine.

Good luck and happy holidays!


answered 10 Dec '09, 02:00

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