I noticed my daughter has started grinding her teeth when she is asleep. What can I do to keep her from hurting her teeth?

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I would talk to your dentist. He/she may recommend some sort of mouth guard. Custom ones will run you a pretty penny (unless you have a comprehensive dental plan), but you may be able to find an over-the-counter one (e.g. one that you boil and then bite to set the mold).

You don't mention your child's age, but according to this overview from the Mayo Clinic, it (Bruxism aka Teeth Grinding) could be as a result of:

  • Response to pain from an earache or teething (in children)
  • Growth and development of the jaws and teeth (for children)

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+1 We were told that between the ages of 4 & 5, dentists check to see whether children have any irregularities while opening or closing their jaw, and can advise whether any ortodontic treatment would be needed, as this can also can cause the urge to "grind teeth"

(09 Dec '09, 07:46) Emi
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