Obviously my son is too little for us to worry about this (eight weeks old and can't even roll over yet), but it still occurred to me that I have no idea how to child-proof a christmas tree. Any suggestions?

asked 09 Dec '09, 13:58

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Matthew Jones
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Tammy ♦♦

We put all our more breakable ornaments higher up on the tree out of our 2 year old son's reach, and left the unbreakable ones lower down. That, and we really stayed on top of him the first couple of days whenever he would start playing with or pulling on the tree. After a couple of days, he got the idea.


answered 09 Dec '09, 17:36

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+1 for teaching him to stay away.

(21 Dec '09, 04:08) Fun2Dream

For my 10 mth old twins, we purchased a Superyard Baby gate to enclose around the Christmas Tree so they can't get too close to the tree or the presents under it. They cost $69.99 USD (from Babies-R-Us) and you can even buy extensions for them to make the circle wider if you need more room. They are great and we have them all over our house!


answered 09 Dec '09, 14:27

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Shannon B
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We did the same thing

(09 Dec '09, 14:49) dreamerisme

We have a small tree 4ft that we put on the table in our dinning room. It is out of reach that way but we can all still enjoy it. We have the skirt around it still on the table and the few presents we put under it are just out of reach for my 14mth old.


answered 09 Dec '09, 14:55

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Unbreakable plastic ornaments. We don't have any room for a gate (which is a nice idea) and the wife wouldn't stand for a small tree.


answered 09 Dec '09, 16:49

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Wrap a bunch of empty boxes, and tape them in a semi-circle, then place it around a tree that is in the corner of the room.

Festive, even!


answered 10 Dec '09, 16:49

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The first year our daughter was old enough to cause problems, we settled for a small two-foot tree. By the next year she was old enough and smart enough we could trust her to behave around a regular-sized one. This year, with our son in the same stage, we're doing it again.

I'll mention, though, that in both cases it's actually something else that caused us to use a small tree (we're moving next week, and so a full tree just wouldn't work this year). The child-safety factor is just a pleasant side-effect.


answered 11 Dec '09, 04:31

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Joel Coehoorn
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