Sometimes when my baby cries very much I blow air gently in his face. That makes him open his eyes and stop crying. I do feel a bit uneasy about it though, because the reaction is so strong and predictable it almost feels like forcing him.

Is there any reason to believe that I'm harming my baby by doing this?

P.S. It can't be very much harm, because sometimes he can fall asleep seconds after I do this but it still feels like cheating.

asked 09 Dec '09, 21:41

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Tammy ♦♦

+1 I totally felt the same way when my husband did that to my son! I thought it was a fluke that no one else knew about.

(10 Dec '09, 07:30) DarwinsMom

We did this a couple of times when our son was crying uncontrollably and we were afraid he would get too hot. Calmed him right down.

I can't imagine that you are doing any harm by doing this. In fact, I found a few resources (admittedly anecdotal) that say doing this is perfectly fine.


answered 09 Dec '09, 21:51

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Matthew Jones
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We did this as well. It worked as a good as a distraction to stop our kids from crying.

(09 Dec '09, 22:25) Sabrina

I have also found this helpful.

(10 Dec '09, 01:19) cat_g

here too. even moving a table fan so that its blowing on him helps.

(10 Dec '09, 02:56) Rob Allen

@Rob I would advise against using a fan. Overusing this reflex might be dangerous! (see my answer)

(22 Apr '10, 13:44) brandstaetter

I also agree its a brilliant way of calming and distracting babies.

Just one thing that I did additionally was to use a bright colour piece of paper, and pleat it, a hand fan like this to generate wind effect too. ( This was particularly useful If I felt like I was coming down with a bug or something )


answered 10 Dec '09, 08:53

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When I worry too much about how "happy" my son is, my husband tells me that if he were unhappy, he would be crying. If you are attentive to your kids and not neglectful, I believe this to be true. And, if you are on this site at all, you are likely not one of the above :)


answered 10 Dec '09, 07:33

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Actually, from what we learned in a baby swimming course, it's just triggering a reflex which shortly stops the baby from breathing. It does no real harm, but I would argue against over-using it.

See also my answer to this question.


answered 22 Apr '10, 13:43

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Tammy ♦♦

My husband has been a medic & a fireman of over 15yrs. He has found this method of calming (blowing in infants face)to cause shock to a baby's natural function & in many cases he has found it to cause black outs & seizures. Never ever do this to your child. They are learningo to communicate with limited tools to do so with. You'd be frusrated too. Read on all the positive methods to help children & do your best not to be stressed because they feel your stress & that causes them to cry. Take long walks & wear headphones with calming music. I have a pistol of a baby & this has done wonders for our family. Good luck out there.


answered 03 Jun '12, 18:41

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