My daughter is 2 1/2 years and my son is 13 months old. I have noticed lately that my daughter is constantly trying to gain my attention especially when I am focused on feeding/changing/holding my son. I've thought about taking her on an outing once a week with just the two of us. Do you think spending one on one time with my daughter will solve her attention issue or make it worse? I'd also like suggestions for sharing your time with multiple children?

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We've got four children. Divided attention is a fact of life. We've found that they integrate best when you get them to help out so they can focus on doing something versus what they're not getting. So we've had a sister help feed the baby or help change the baby. They derive great pleasure from doing the helping besides.

Our goal is to get to the point where we take one of them out alone once a month for a special outing.


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I think your idea about "one on one" time is great. I also believe that it would be great to reinforce it with other activities that include just her and her father too.

Additionally you may like to enroll her at a local playgroup or toddlers group, that she can attend two or three times a week for a couple of hours. Playing with other children that are her age could be fun and add another dimension to her "little world"

I have often thought about the "Terrible Two Syndrome" and have honestly wondered whether toddlers are bored but they are unable to say that to us, perhaps they need more challenging enviroments at that age, somewhere they can discover things, play, share, and most important of all be part of a group and not a little individual fighting for more attention. Learning to share before the notion of jealsousy sets in may be a solution.


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Maybe try having daughter when when your son is napping. Play dollhouse or puzzles together during that time. Play house and teach her that little kids need more attention than big kids!


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They usually nap at the same time...which works out nicely for me! :) But yes sometimes he takes an additional nap and then I do play with her.

(01 Oct '09, 06:24) Sabrina

I try taking one kid with me to the store on the weekends when my husband is home to watch the others. I try to rotate kids but sometimes its hard. My daughter always wants to be with mommy!!

(05 Oct '09, 22:03) Mommy trial and error
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