Does anyone have any good ideas/tips/advice on how to get a restful night of sleep during the third trimester of pregnancy? I am about to loose my mind from exhaustion and the inability to really rest at night. It does not seem to matter what time I go to bed or how tired I am, I still have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

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My wife liked sleeping on her side, with one of these:

alt text


answered 15 Dec '09, 02:32

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Yes i used one of these too, they are brilliant.

(15 Dec '09, 07:48) Phil Seller

Pillows. Pillows. Pillows.

The body pillows are great, but it's almost as if I needed two of them. One brand was too firm and another was too soft. Having extra pillows to help pad different parts at different times is the best thing I can recommend. The other saving grace was a wedge pillow. I put it either under my tummy to help support the weight or behind my back. The best relief you are going to get is having the baby! Of course, then a whole new plethora of sleep issues appear.


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Oh, I remember those nights. It's so frustrating! Good practice for once the baby comes, though.

I took a prenatal yoga class that relaxed me both physically and mentally. I always found I slept better if I went to yoga regularly.

You can also check with your doctor to see if you can take Tylenol PM to help you sleep better. I took it at the very end, when I was hardly sleeping at all.


answered 15 Dec '09, 15:44

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I think this really depends on why you are having trouble sleeping. It sounds from your question that you might just be a little anxious about the new arrival - and that's completely normal. If it's just anxiety, then relaxation techniques can really help. Try slowly focusing on relaxing each part of your body, starting with your toes and working your way all the way up to your neck.

If you are uncomfortable, then the suggestions on pillows is a good one. It may take a LOT of experimenting. All of the "pregnancy" pillows never worked for me. I think what ended up working was lying on my side, a regular pillow between my legs, and another one wedged behind my back.

If it's heartburn, drink some Maalox before bed (keep it in the fridge). Zantac also helps if it's more severe.

So my general suggestion is to try to figure out what it is that is keeping you from falling asleep. Despite what they say, it IS possible to get a good night's rest during your third trimester.


answered 23 Mar '10, 00:47

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You can use ordinary pillows - I found one between the knees particularly helpful.

Relaxation techniques such as those from yoga, also warm milky drinks, a long warm bath, a calm quiet evening (oh, how I long for those days now) will all help you to fall asleep more quickly in the evening.

If you need to wake often to empty your bladder, consider ways of making the trip to the bathroom less wakeful - leave lights off, wear pyjamas so you don't get cold.

Unfortunately none of this will really help - it's all nature's way of making the arrival of a screaming creature who wakes you up every couple of hours and poos all the time seem a blessing.


answered 16 Dec '09, 18:40

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