We have a nanny that watches our daughter 3 days a week. We are giving her some money as a Christmas bonus but also wanted to get her a little token gift. We couldn't think of anything great so wanted to see if others had any good ideas. She travels pretty far so I don't want to get her something that is hard to carry.

Any suggestions?

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How about a typical christmas basket?

It could contain some cider or champagne, for example.

Something like this, but smaller so she can carry it

alt text

Or perhaps you can deliver it to her house, here's a site (and another) I found to buy them online


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+1 for delivery at home suggestion, that would be really nice.

(15 Dec '09, 18:12) Emi

I heard the +1, but didn't see the vote count increase ;)

(15 Dec '09, 19:22) JJJ

:) sometimes the comments I make with a mobile device don't go through so when I am at my desk and see that, I correct it !!

(15 Dec '09, 20:33) Emi

We also give our Housekeeper (who is like a member of our small family, she babysits too occasionally) a pay bonus and give her a small personal gift each year.

I think this year we are looking at getting her a small MP3 player with built in radio like Sandisk so she can listen to music on her journeys to and from our house. We will download the music for her and give it to her with songs we have chosen for her, and songs we know that she is fond of.


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What about a bracelet, necklace or earings with your daughter's birthstone in it? It's thoughful, but also something fun she can wear. They have lots of ideas on this website of birthstone jewlery. Or maybe even just a small piece of jewlery without a birthstone would be a great gift.


answered 16 Dec '09, 00:51

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