My 4 1/2 month old daughter has been drooling and chewing a lot since around 3 or 3 1/2 months, but yesterday I noticed she's touching her left ear a lot. Parents.com suggests that since she isn't cranky or fussy and doesn't have a fever, that this is a sign of teething. How long (on average) until she will get her first tooth?

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Here's a chart with average times the various teeth come in. However, this is something that varies wildly from child to child. I'm in a moms group where all the kids are 8-10 months; some have no teeth, some have 1 or 2, and a couple of them have 7-8 teeth. My son got his first two at 4.5 months, and now has 8 total.

My son also drooled for a couple of months before his teeth erupted. He did have a fever and fussed with some of them, but some of them have come in sneakily, with no real warning. It's definitely not an exact science.

alt text


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Can you share where you found the chart? It's very helpful!

(15 Dec '09, 18:01) Fun2Dream

Here's where I found the chart:


There's also a similar chart in the Baby411 book.

(16 Dec '09, 02:53) BetsyB

Sounds like it will be any day now. I'm not sure what the average is, but for our son it was about a month or so from the start of the heavy drooling to his first tooth (between 4 and 5 months old).

If you're brave enough to put a finger in her mouth, you might be able to feel a harder spot on her gums, or even a tiny bit of tooth sticking out that you can hardly see. The first ones usually show up right in the front.


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My son started the teething process a good 2 moths before eruption. Swelling gums, drooling, occasional pain, the hard bump. Sometimes the signs show minutes before, some times a lot longer.


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Similar to BetsyB, experience from my moms groups is that it can vary greatly between children. Our daughter showed those signs around 4 months off and on as well, but only cut her first tooth at 8 months.


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Definatly varies a lot my older son had all his teeth by 16 months and my 5 month old is cutting his 3rd. It took him about 2 weeks for the tooth to cut through after the initial signs of drooling and chomping on everything.


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My daughter didn't get a single tooth until she was more than a year old. She also doesn't have much in the way of hair, but she is beginning potty training and she isn't yet two.


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