My 1 year old is just beginning to get his teeth. He's had none until a couple of weeks ago and now he has 3! I'm thinking his 4th will arrive any day now. Besides Motrin/Tylenol does anyone have other suggestions for relieving teething pain?

asked 26 Sep '09, 08:41

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I like ALL of these answers...Scott/Tammy would this be a Community Wiki question?!

(28 Sep '09, 08:24) Sabrina

@Sabrina: It's borderline. Can you pick one that's actually helped you the most as your "accepted" answer? Ultimately the community has to start to decide where to draw that line. Comments are welcome.

(30 Sep '09, 09:41) Scott ♦♦

Cold things to chew on can help. My daughter always liked cold wash cloths. We used to keep them in freezer. Other then that when it gets really bad, we would also give her Advil at night.


answered 26 Sep '09, 13:37

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I like the wash cloth freezer idea!

(28 Sep '09, 08:35) Sabrina

We use hyland's teething tablets and also someone gave us frozen pineapple chunks and they were very helpful.


answered 28 Sep '09, 14:31

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We used Nelsons Teetha with both of our children, and it's absolutely fantastic. It contains Chamomilla, and comes in granule form so dissolves easily in the mouth. It can be used both during the day and at night, and almost without fail soothed the child within minutes.

Seriously, I cannot recommend it enough. It worked like a dream for our kids.


answered 28 Sep '09, 12:17

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I'll have to see if I can get those in the united states, thanks!

(30 Sep '09, 16:10) Sabrina

These are my daytime suggestions, so that if needed you could give a medication at night. I found that after a couple of doses the medication seemed to have no effect and sometimes even caused mild diarrhea.

  1. You could try giving him a medium sized washed and peeled carrot to gnaw on, this helps massage the gums and is entertaining. I have also used half a peeled apple and large sized Grissini sticks ( breadsticks )

  2. Clove oil mixed or diluted with sunflower oil massaged on to the gums will sooth and numb his gums. Clove oil is known for it anaesthetic properties. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_of_cloves#Oral_use For detailed advice regarding clove oil sunflower mixture you could ask at your local homepathic dealer or healthstore.

  3. Cold gum soothers

  4. I used Ibuprofen only at night if it was really necessary.

Best of luck!


answered 26 Sep '09, 10:23

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Wow, clove oil, who would have thought?! - thanks! Yes we've done the carrot, he really likes that.

(28 Sep '09, 08:28) Sabrina

That great news :)

(28 Sep '09, 09:22) Emi

I have been using a homeopathic medicine called "chamomilla" which I have in little white pellet form that my boys suck on and it relieves the pain in their mouths. I use it all the time and only resort to tylenol when they seem to need stronger pain relief. My boys actually like sucking on the pellets and it distracts them while they're sucking on them.


answered 26 Sep '09, 15:43

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Shannon B
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Wow, I've never heard of this -thanks! Do you think you can get this at any drug store or a health food store? Is Chamomilla the name brand?

(28 Sep '09, 08:26) Sabrina


I just found them on Amazon, if that helps! I have seen them for sale in the organic/natural foods section in our grocery store (Ontario, Canada), but I would guess if you asked in your drug store, they would be able to help you out. The herb in the pellets is called chamomilla, but different companies make the pellets.

(28 Sep '09, 14:02) Shannon B

When our son was teething, we would often place an icecube in the center of a small hand towel and let him suck/gnaw on the towel. The cold from the ice really seemed to help sooth the pain.


answered 27 Sep '09, 04:37

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I have always used cold wash clothes or my own fingers! I one time heard that Orajel was bad for a teething baby because it makes the gums tougher for the tooth to break through....


answered 30 Sep '09, 08:30

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1) You have to keep it cool by using a cold wash cloth or any chilled teething ring which can be soothing on a baby's gum. You shouldn't give the frozen teething ring it may be harmful if its extreme cold.

2) you can use you finger it has to be cleaned and rub it on your baby's gum the pressure can ease your baby's discomfort.

I had across thing information of remedies for teething in babies http://www.momjunction.com/articles/signs-baby-teething-along-symptoms-remedies_0079765/


answered 02 Sep '15, 07:27

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