What would be considered a good and or healthy age for getting childrens ears pierced?

asked 26 Sep '09, 12:40

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This is a hot button issue. The way I see it, there are 2 sides to this argument:

  1. Do it as early as possible. It's going to hurt so I guess the idea is that if you do it early, you get it over with sooner rather than later.

  2. Wait until they are old enough to make the decision for themselves.

From a health standpoint, remember that there is always the risk of infection. So I think that should be weighed into your decision as well.

So, I think the answer to your question is that the "good, healthy age" for getting ears pierced is the one that you decide after weighing all the risks and benefits.

Possible risks: infection, going through a bit of pain, "society" might mock your for "branding" your child

Possible benefits: Nobody says "oh what a cute little boy!", once it's done - it's done and you don't have to do it later, your daughter gets to join the ranks of countless other females that have gone through this, it's fun to match earrings with cute little outfits


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I have some friends who had their baby girl's ears pierced as young as 4 months. The reasoning was that it was easier to keep them still and to keep them clean and disinfected during the time the holes were healing. That wasn't our choice but those little baby girls do look cute and it worked for those moms.

I always figured if you didn't want to get your baby's ears pierced at that age, then you would have to wait until the child is old enough to understand that it will probably hurt and that they need to sit still, and keep the ear lobes clean for several weeks afterwards. I would think that probably depends on the maturity and temperament of each child.


answered 26 Sep '09, 13:34

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I personally had my ears pierced when I was three years old. I think that whenever a parent is ready to have them pierced, is fine as long as you are willing to put in the work of taking care of the cleaning and changing of earrings. I agree with Tammy that it depends on the temperament of the child!


answered 27 Sep '09, 03:25

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I'd say when your daughter is not only old enough to make the decision herself, but when she is old enough to care for her piercings herself. The first few weeks after the piercing require a lot of care to prevent infection and she should be able to clean the holes herself.


answered 28 Sep '09, 15:13

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+1 A parent after my own heart

(19 Oct '09, 18:24) Dinah

Those were the rules imposed on me, and that I am imposing on my daughter. I was seven when I got mine pierced. Don't know how old my daughter will be.

(19 Oct '09, 21:32) mkcoehoorn

We got our daughters done at 3 months! She never touched them and they never got infected. Now she doesn't even mess with them and she's 3 1/2 years old. I got my ears done with I was 6 years old and messed with them constantly to where they were infected a few times. Who cares what everyone else thinks... if you like the way it looks when your little girl is little then go for it!


answered 29 Sep '09, 23:32

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We have not decided when to allow our daughter to get her ears pierced, but one thing I considered when she was an infant was, they were her ears, and that no matter how cute I thought it would look, what if she didn't want her ears pierced when she got older. All little girls look adorable with or without the earrings, and I do believe it is each parents decision, we just felt it was best for us to wait until she understood what was happening, and expressed a desire to have the earrings.


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I think that depends on your social context. I know some people which consider it a form of societal branding and goes against principals of female equality. I don't agree with them, but i see their point. In my opinion, it should be up to the child, and if she wants to get her ears pierced, then if she is old enough to make the decision herself, then she should be allowed to. I do hold a different opinion on say tattoos. I wouldn't give my five year old on if he asked for it, because that hat long term consequences that can't easily be undone.

As far as I know, it doesn't really cause any long term damage, so if the piercings need to close later on there is no real problem. Having a girl's ear pierced is accepted in most of American society, so she doesn't really need to understand the implications of what people will think of her after she has it done (assuming you live in America, I can't say for other places like Canada, or Europe). Personally, I would look at her friends, if they have their ears pierced, I would look at that as a basis for making a decision as to when is a good time.


answered 26 Sep '09, 13:25

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