My 6 month old coos and talks happily in his crib for a while after waking. Should I let him "play" in there alone, or is he signaling for me to pick him up?

asked 17 Dec '09, 19:59

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Tammy ♦♦

I believe it is good to leave the baby alone sometimes at that age. They need to learn to entertain themselves without mom and dad beside them all the time. It is a great skill for a 6 month old to be able to talk to themselves and be happy alone. It is great to hear a baby wake up happy.


answered 17 Dec '09, 22:29

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and promotes independence!

(18 Dec '09, 05:31) Lin

+1 for learning to entertain themselves. The earlier this starts the better in my opinion!

(18 Dec '09, 05:45) Emi

+1 for happy independent babies! If its not broke, don't fix it. If they're not fussing... I would keep an eye on them and leave them be until they start to fuss a little. :-)

(21 Dec '09, 17:40) KPW

My son did that in the mornings around that age. I would just let him lay there and chatter to himself until he got unhappy. It was actually one of my favorite parts of the day, listening to him be happy first thing in the morning.


answered 17 Dec '09, 21:00

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+1 us too! our daughter will amuse herself for about 1/2 an hour each morning talking to herself and laughing and squealing in delight before she'd get grumpy (and hungry) when I'd then come and rescue her with cuddles

(18 Dec '09, 05:33) Lin

You won't get many opportunities to have time to yourself while your baby is awake. Relish the time when he is happy by himself! I completely agree with nikjoyce that you should let your child learn to be happy alone. You aren't going to be able to entertain him all the time as he gets older. If you can encourage him to be content on his own at times, you'll do yourself and your little one a world of good. Take advantage of the blessing your blissful little boy is giving you and use your time wisely. You can have playtime together after you've paid the bills or finally gotten to read the last chapter in that book you've been reading for 6 months. ;)


answered 17 Dec '09, 22:48

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