I'll be travelling to Australia and New Zealand soon. I'm hoping to rent a car seat in Australia, and be able to use it in New Zealand too.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

I understand that Australia has unusual standards for car seats -- that is neither the LATCH system (from north america) or ISOfix (from Europe). Will I be able to install one of these sears in a typical New Zealand car?

asked 20 Dec '09, 15:59

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From what I read online both Australia & New Zealand use the same standard: AS/NZS 1754. So you should be fine.

Sorry, misread the question. Most likely it won't be suitable. Even if it is it won't be legal. It would be better to hire a car seat in Australia & NZ. See http://www.bubhub.com.au/info/articles/safety/infant_car_seats_infant_child_restraint_safety.shtml for some more details.


answered 30 Dec '09, 04:33

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This link doesn't seem to have anything about NZ: it's just an overview of car seat laws in Australia.

(02 Jan '10, 02:57) Scott Morrison

In the end, I had no trouble with my Australian car seat in a NZ rental car. Never found out the legality of it, but we were all happy.

(30 Jul '10, 19:57) Scott Morrison

This doesn't answer my question, but I wanted to record this link to New Zealand Child Restraints, as it has good information and may be helpful to other people interested in this question.


answered 20 Dec '09, 16:31

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Scott Morrison
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