My son is just over 12 months now and has been suffering intermittently from quite severe stomach pain over the last 5 days. Whilst he is suffering he is nearly inconsolable. The doctor suggested we tried children's pain killers and this seems to do the trick, but only temporarily.

Seeing as there is a lack of advice from our doctor does anybody have a way of dealing with a child suffering from a stomach ache?

asked 20 Dec '09, 19:30

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I think that both Rich Seller and Meg Stephenson touch upon the important points.

I think you need to visit another doctor and get a second opinion as soon as possible. In the mean time, here are some questions worth asking yourself;

  1. How are the bowel movements, are they regular or are they somewhat delayed?
  2. Is the pain in a particular area of his stomach, can he show you.
  3. When does the pain occur, after eating, before eating? just spontaneously?

Good luck!


answered 21 Dec '09, 06:58

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I would be wary of taking any treatment advised by anyone who isn't a medical professional that has examined your child. If it is definitely a medical problem your doctor can't diagnose, I suggest you get a second opinion.

It may be that he has come to associate complaints with attention, you could try giving some sugar pills (obviously tell him it is medicine) to see if the placebo effect is enough to treat him, but if the doctor has already suggested painkillers this seems unlikely.


answered 20 Dec '09, 20:17

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Rich Seller
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+1 for recommending a second opinion.

(21 Dec '09, 07:00) Emi

5 days seems an awfully long time for a child to be suffering from stomach pain.

Something warm to hold against his stomach may help (but be careful it's not too hot, be may be too young to stop it burning him).

Distraction is often good with young children with chronic pain - play with him, read him stories, take him out somewhere.

Pain killers, like children's paracetamol and children's ibuprofen, are pretty effective in my experience, but they do wear off.

I hope your doctor can work out what's causing the pain and deal with it soon.


answered 20 Dec '09, 21:50

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Meg Stephenson
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+1 for warm things and distraction.

(21 Dec '09, 07:00) Emi
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