I'm just interested to see how much of our community is directly related to the popularity of stackoverflow.com. Of course, we have the all-star, Jon Skeet, in our midst, but I'm wondering how many others. It seems we have a very techno-savy group around here.

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asked 21 Dec '09, 21:32

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Scott ♦♦

or husbands, my wife is a programmer, though she pretends she's not a geek

(22 Dec '09, 11:38) Rich Seller

well, you can tell her that I'm pretty sure geeks flock to each other. ;)

(22 Dec '09, 14:05) Artemis

:-) Artemis, this was a really great poll!

(24 Dec '09, 19:27) Emi

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I am a mom and my husband is the CEO of Stack Overflow. I'm a scientist, not a programmer, so I'm not on SO myself, but am obviously here as a result of the popularity of SO. I heard firsthand about the development of SO, and am loving that I now get to participate in a site that is based on Jeff's hard work. I also love giving him usability feedback. ;)

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answered 22 Dec '09, 17:09

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Please continue! We absolutely appreciate it. :-)

(22 Dec '09, 18:17) Scott ♦♦

Jeff knows dads are welcome too, right? ;-) http://moms4mom.com/dads

(22 Dec '09, 20:29) Chris W. Rea

John (my fiance) and I listen to the Stack Overflow podcasts. It sounds like you've been a really great support for Jeff. I'm glad to see you on here!

(23 Dec '09, 21:44) Artemis

I'm on Stack Overflow and engaged to the OP. ;)

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answered 22 Dec '09, 03:15

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John Gietzen
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yep! :) But, it's so much more natural to just call you my husband.

(22 Dec '09, 03:32) Artemis

I'm wife to a senior software developer, he introduced me to Moms4mom so he could spend more time on Stack Overflow without feeling bad :)

I really like the site (wish it could have been around 5 years ago though... :)

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answered 22 Dec '09, 08:33

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+1 totally agree Emi - wish this site was around when we first entered the parenting game

(22 Dec '09, 12:26) Lin

I'm a mom and a wife to a software developer who is a StackOverflow fan too. And yes, hubby introduced me to moms4mom.

Totally love the concept of this site - was getting fed up with forums that get personal and are often too opinionated rather than factual

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answered 22 Dec '09, 12:31

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As noted in the question, I occasionally post to SO as well. You know, when there aren't any new M4M questions...

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answered 22 Dec '09, 23:28

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Jon Skeet
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Just occasionally though...

(17 Mar '10, 14:28) Adam Davis

My husband is a stackoverflow fan too and the one who got me hooked here. We are both software developers (I guess him more than me these days though!)

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answered 21 Dec '09, 22:46

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My husband is a member of SO and introduced me to moms4mom. Now we both use this site!

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answered 22 Dec '09, 02:50

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Yep, that's me!

(04 Jan '10, 13:29) Scottie T

Father to be and geek. I like questions, coding, and food.

I was drawn to Stack Overflow by the need to make the internet less full of rubbish answers, one Maven question at a time, and my habit kind of snowballed from there. I've recently been a bit quiet on Stack Overflow as I'm spending my free time on a host of Stack Exchange sites:


I've also posted a few times on about 10-15 other Stack Exchange sites.

I also introduced my sister to this site, and of course she's "beating" me. It's not fair that she's got 2 kids and knows stuff.

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answered 22 Dec '09, 09:03

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Rich Seller
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and i dont really know how to use a computer, but i like this site coz you don't get bitchy un-helpful comments.

(30 Jan '10, 20:05) Phil Seller

mom, software developer. SO is a great place to learn, but I was actually introduced to it via a rather roundabout way involving twitter. This seems like a great community, looking forward to participating!

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answered 22 Dec '09, 17:16

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Yes :-) This is one of the nicest communities I have seen, taken part in and benefited from. I love the notion of sharing and gaining knowhow regarding parenting with people from all over the world, regardless of race or background. A sincere thanks to Tammy&Scott and of course Jeff!

(22 Dec '09, 22:03) Emi

I'm a dad. I'm also a consulting software developer/architect, and a fan of each of stackoverflow.com, superuser.com, and serverfault.com.

I introduced moms4mom to both my older and younger sisters. They're moms. I'm still trying to get my wife to join here – but at least I get the points for asking questions she would have asked :-)

I like this Q&A platform so much, I founded Basically Money.

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answered 21 Dec '09, 21:49

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Chris W. Rea
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