I would like learn how other parents deal with the hair issues. People always seem to say that hair grows healthier and stronger if trimmed regularly.

Do other parents cut and or trim their childrens hair? At what stage do they decide to go to the hairdressers? Do you choose a childrens hairdresser or go somewhere you are familiar with?

asked 26 Sep '09, 15:35

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We used a friend who was a veteran at cutting kids' hair (having several children and grandchildren). Having a hair cut in a friendly, informal environment with no strangers around can make it less stressful - but also less of a "treat" if they actually like the experience. We found that giving a chocolate button after every few minutes of sitting still worked pretty well.

Now we use a professional though - partly because our friend has now moved a fair way away and we've moved into her house! We still bribe the kids with sweets for being good in the hairdresser, but it's now on an "after the haircut" basis rather than during.


answered 26 Sep '09, 16:48

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Jon Skeet
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I have a little boy and since we did not feel comfortable cutting his hair ourselves (since he is known to be scared by loud noises). So since we didn't want to use the clippers and didn't exactly feel good enough to cut his hair, we brought him to a place where they have kid chairs. And now that we have seen the result of someone cutting his hair (screaming and crying), we feel better that we chose that option as opposed to doing it on our own.


answered 27 Sep '09, 06:50

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Melissa 1
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Our son is almost 2 years old, and so far we have always just cut his hair at home. We have a pair of electric clippers with different sized guides, which makes it fairly simple to cut his hair in about 5-10 minutes, and have it (mostly) even all around. We have a girl coming in December, and we're not sure yet how we're going to handle cutting her hair, as we don't really want to give a buzz-cut to a girl :)


answered 27 Sep '09, 04:35

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Our son has had both a hairdresser and a haircut at home. Its quicker at the hairdresser (so less screaming if they don't like haircuts) but obviously cheaper at home.

The first time giving my son a haircut ourselves, he screamed a lot through it (mostly because of the loud noise of the trimmer). After that first time, we tried giving him a lollipop during the haircut and this kept him happy and quiet. Just make sure he keeps the lollipop in his mouth so it doesn't get hair on it :)


answered 28 Sep '09, 14:07

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I take my little girl (3 1/2) to a kid hairdresser. She is allowed to sit in a Barbie Jeep and watch a movie while getting her hair cut. It makes it so easy. She doesn't even know she's getting her hair cut! Plus there are a bunch of other kids there that she enjoys watching!

My son (2 1/2) likes me to cut his hair when I cut his daddy's hair! I'm always afraid I'll hurt him but I've been doing it for over a year and no accidents yet!


answered 29 Sep '09, 23:28

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Mommy trial and error
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I cut their hair myself (with scissors) until they were about 3 years old. They've all had to have the same hair style up to that point therefore. I just sort of layer it and make sure it won't go in their eyes. It's not the most fashionable hair cut, but it looks OK and I'm pleased to say that strangers couldn't tell which sex my kids were with that hair cut.

I did it myself, because then if they get fed up we can give up and do some more the next evening. I always do it in the highchair in the kitchen where the floor sweeps up easily and they can't jump out too easily. I do it last thing in the evening so they can go straight in the bath.

My daughters now get theirs done at the same hairdresser I go to, they have special kids' seats that make them higher up. But they both have long hair with no fringe (British English for bangs) so it doesn't need frequent cutting.


answered 30 Oct '09, 12:01

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Meg Stephenson
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With 1 income for the family, no one -- kids or parents -- gets a for-pay haircut, all the haircuts get done at a hair salon that looks remarkably like our back porch. There are exceptions as needs arise, but generally not.


answered 30 Oct '09, 14:53

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We are in the midst of the same dilemma. My husband and I used to trim our son's hair around his ears and the back of his neck since it was so fine and thin. Now that he is 16 months his hair is getting thicker and just trimming the edges isn't working anymore. So we are going to try to find a hair dresser that will cut his hair. We are going to try the place my husband gets his hair cut. It is cheap and they have a booster seat for kids.


answered 28 Sep '09, 17:23

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