My 6 month old is gumming everything she can get her hands on and often other (dribbly and sometimes with a cold) babies play with her toys and mouth them to saturation too.

I know there's one school that says that it's good for your child to pick up lots of bugs when they are little so that when they start mixing more with other children and start catching bugs from them, that their immune system can fight off nasties better... but I'm from the "prevention is better than cure" school and yes I'm probably a paranoid and over-protective mom...

But... my question is this: If you can't put toys in the dishwasher, immerse them with water or use disinfectant chemicals, short of not letting other children play with her things, what other ways are there for me to clean her toys?

asked 22 Dec '09, 23:31

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In addition to the answers posted by Igritz and Meg Stephenson and comment by MrChrister I would

  1. wipe toys with a wet wipe or a cloth
  2. submerge toys in hot water when possible
  3. place some toys in the fridge after being surfaced cleaned with a wetwipe for a while.
  4. hold somethings infront of a boiling kettle, ( steam cleaning ) was something I did regularly for toys that went in her mouth.
  5. wash soft cuddly toys on a short cycle in the washing machine with mild detergents.

answered 23 Dec '09, 06:28

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I too agree with Igritz's answer in the first place. Great tips though! I hadn't thought of kettle-steaming - I'll be giving that one the thumbs up! I'd love to spin in the washing machine, but I still have horrid memories as a 3 year old of watching all my soft toys spinning around the machine in tiny shredded pieces! (she probably didn't have/use the gentle cycle!)

(23 Dec '09, 22:29) Lin

Yes Lin, me too :) (I use the 15 minute cycle cold wash and it works wonders)

(24 Dec '09, 08:50) Emi

My main line of defense was simply to NOT share toys between babies, while they were in the "put everything in their mouth" phase.


answered 23 Dec '09, 00:42

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+1 for not sharing toys

(23 Dec '09, 07:35) Emi

+1 definitely my first option!

(23 Dec '09, 22:29) Lin

At my center we use Bleach water to clean the toys. It is 1/4 cup of Bleach to one gallon of water. At home we use Soap and water and the dish washer.


answered 23 Dec '09, 01:28

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+1 If you can't submerge it, you can usually wipe it down with a wet cloth.

(23 Dec '09, 03:47) MrChrister

+1 For soap and water!

(23 Dec '09, 07:33) Emi

The last time I was in Babies R' Us, I purchased a pack of pacifier wipes, made by The First Years. They are great for cleaning teething toys, pacifiers, bottle nipples, etc. when you are out of the house. I keep them in my purse. They are made with all natural food-grade ingredients, which is nice to know.


answered 23 Dec '09, 14:11

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+1 for "natural food-grade ingredients". I use anti-bacterial wipes too, but not entirely sure what's in them - may kill the germs, but what about the chemicals left behind?

(23 Dec '09, 22:23) Lin

I use breast pump wipes for this kind of thing. I think they are similar to the pacifier wipes suggested by DazedandConfused.


answered 23 Dec '09, 16:44

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