My 7 month old is far too big for the sink tub, so we started bathing him in an inflatable tub that we set in the big tub. We use a pitcher to fill it, since the sides are too big to allow us to fill it directly with the tap. He's sitting up OK on his own but it feels wasteful and dangerous to just fill up the entire tub.

He loves it but it's hard on us. The toilet's in the way, so there's not as much room next to the tub for us. It's backbreaking to bend over and wash him from the side -- I'm considering just getting in the tub with him but then I have to dry myself off while I'm drying him off!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

asked 23 Dec '09, 16:59

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I glanced at the question title and read "how to make a baby", and I laughed...

(23 Dec '09, 18:28) JJJ

Good question! My son's almost at the point where the baby bath on the counter is no longer feasible...But I'm dreading bathing him in the bathtub, as I have a very sore back (since pregnancy)!

(30 Dec '09, 16:37) DazedandConfused

Are you able to have a bath with him, and then get dad to dry him off while you dry yourself? Bath times are much easier with two people around at the crucial moments. It needn't be for the whole of the time - just getting in and out.


answered 23 Dec '09, 17:43

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Jon Skeet
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This is what we do, and it works great. One parent has the bath with the baby, the other swoops in with a towel to take the baby away when he's done!

(23 Dec '09, 20:17) Scott Morrison

exactly what we do now too!

(23 Dec '09, 22:31) Lin

THANK YOU! You just emboldened me to try what's become my favorite thing ever. We had so much fun splashing and making waves until the water got cold! Now daddy's having quality time drying him off and getting jammies on. Win!!!

(24 Dec '09, 00:05) Anne

Our daughter is 19 months and we sometimes shower with her as others have suggested. However, we also bought a bigger kitchen sink! It's a deep one with only a single basin that fit in the same hole that the stainless steel double basin had been in. She'll probably be able to bathe in that sink until she's 5! It's much easier on our backs to bathe her in the sink than bending over the tub, so when showering with her isn't convenient, we use the new large sink. It has the added benefit that the dishes get cleared out of the sink in the evening before she goes to bed.


answered 28 Dec '09, 18:24

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Dennis Palmer
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edited 29 Dec '09, 15:37

So true about the dishes, it does keep you on top of them.

(30 Dec '09, 01:08) Anne

For a "thinking out of the box" answer, please see this question and this question about taking babies in the shower with you instead of a bath. Some people (myself included) have had great luck with it and feel that it's a much more convenient approach.


answered 23 Dec '09, 22:27

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He's a heavy, heavy little boy -- I'm afraid he'd be too slippery. Good sugestion though!

(23 Dec '09, 23:08) Anne

I also find it very awkward to lean over in into the tub while trying to wash the baby. We bought a very large plastic infant tub once he outgrew the small plastic tub. The Primo Euro Bathtub (http://www.amazon.com/Primo-340W-PRIMO-EuroBath-Pearl/dp/B000056OV0/ref=pd_sim_ba_3) is molded to fit the shape of a baby and to keep the baby from rolling or slipping under the water. It can also accommodate older babies who want to sit up on their own.

I like using this plastic tub because it uses significantly less water than filling the full sized tub and it is much easier on my back. I can put this tub either on the bathroom floor and sit next to my son, or I put it on the bathroom counter and stand. And my little guy likes it - he can lay down in the molded part, or sit up and splash. Our son is big for his age (7.5 months) and he fits quite comfortably in this tub.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 23 Dec '09, 23:00

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Do you have a shower in your bath tub? If so, could you use the shower to fill up the inflatable? We have one of these but haven't used it yet. It could be helpful. I currently sit on the toilet and lean over the tub, but it isn't the most ergonomic position to be in - that's for sure!


answered 23 Dec '09, 22:40

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let me know how it works when you try it. I like Jon's suggestion about having help drying off but the kneeler might make it easier when dad's not around.

(23 Dec '09, 23:08) Anne

I used the kneeler for the first time a couple of days ago, and it really does make it more comfortable - much easier than sitting on the toilet to bathe her. Do you have a Bumbo chair http://www.bumbobabyseat.com/ ? I've seen photos of babies being bathed in one of them in the "big tub" and thought I might try that next.

(01 Jan '10, 19:01) Fun2Dream
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