This is a lovely clip for Dads and their babies.


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asked 24 Dec '09, 08:43

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You tagged it too specific, can we post any videos or only bedtime-with-dads-videos? :)

(24 Dec '09, 14:29) JJJ

Oh my goodness, that was precious! That must be a very sturdy crib.

(24 Dec '09, 14:45) Artemis

@Juan :) no of course not I just realised the mistake I have made...we should post any nice clips that we really like... :)

(24 Dec '09, 15:01) Emi

@Artemis I am so glad that you liked it. I loved it sooo much and wanted to share it with everyone on Moms4mom on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas everyone :)

(24 Dec '09, 15:03) Emi

@Tammy Thanks so much for editing the tags! I was totally in another dimension :-)

(24 Dec '09, 22:05) Emi

Cute Korean toddler boy singing "Hey Jude" :)

Hey Jude

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answered 28 Dec '09, 10:26

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Haven't seen many clips lately, but the laughing quadruplets is a classic. In Norway there are two commercials (Promp and Rai Rai) for the Association for Twin Parents. An international edition is made of the latter which I think is funny.

Edit: And finally one without multiplets...

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answered 24 Dec '09, 22:56

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