She seems to do this and gags or sometimes even throws up. We say "No" or "yucky" and remove her hand but wanted to find out if this is normal and if there are any suggestions to stop her from doing this going forward.

She does this during meal times when sitting in the high chair.

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As far as I can tell this is something that is very normal for toddlers to do. My little girl did this too around 9-10 months and eventually she just stopped. There wasn't much we did to get her to stop. I think ignoring her was the most effective way to get her to not do it over and over again. It seems to be just part of learning how her body works. I have heard from other moms that their kids went through a stage like this too.


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Our kids both did this as well at the time in their lives when they were putting things AND their fingers in their mouths exploring. For sure my son was 15months, as this has just happened recently, and I think my daughter was around the same age as well AND she has also done it more recently about 2yrs. We did the same thing with, "No" and pulled their hands out of their mouths. Our kids did it a lot when they were riding in their car seats, I think they were bored. Our experience of this didn't last very long, maybe a week or two.


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