We just moved, and using the upheaval, I want to establish some new routines for my 16 month old and 4 year old. The older child will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, and I would like to start preparing her for the kind of routine that she would likely encounter there.

So, for those who are SAHM's like myself, what is your daily routine for your child(ren), as well as their ages?

Since there may be some who are preschool teachers or teacher's aides, what kind of routine does a Kindergarten class generally have that I can be targeting my daughter for?

I'm mostly looking for sample schedules of how other moms fill the day and the kinds of activities commonly found in Kindergarten classrooms. Up until now I've largely let my daughter do what she wants through the day, only keeping meals and naps at set times. I want her to understand that she won't be able to do what she wants whenever she wants when she starts school. But I'm at a bit of a loss on how to break up the day into activities that will keep her interested and still allow me to take care of my son and household duties.

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What we were more looking for was examples of different routines in differnet places. Sure, different places will have different routines, but what's your schedule like... what works about it and what doesn't.

With that in mind, here is what we finally put together for a typical day:

        |      4yr old     |     1yr old        | Notes   
7:00am    ** Mommy is up an prepping for the day. **  
<8:00am |        Free play in bedrooms          |  If the kids are up early, it's just play time
8:00am  |Breakfast, change clothes, brush teeth |
8:45am  |       Free play with Mommy            |
9:45am  |    Pick up toys after play time       |
10:00am | TV (usually PBS) |    Mommy time      | Educational tv only
11:30am |        Outside time/Mail run          | This time of year it's too cold for much real
                                                | outside play time, but we do at least need
                                                | to go out to get mail most days. As winter 
                                                | turns to spring this will start earlier and take
                                                | from the tv time. If there is an errand to run,
                                                | just leave early and have less tv time.  
12:00pm |                Lunch                  |
12:30pm |                 nap                   |
 1:30pm |       Free play without Mommy         | The kids wake up at different times - this allows for that
 2:15pm |             Pick up toys              | Always pick up toys right after a free play.
                                                | It helps mark the end of the play time
                                                | and helps us keep the house cleaner
 2:30pm |             Learning time             | Mommy tutoring time (think flashcards)
 3:00pm |  Special Play    |    Mommy time      | Special play means toys that need extra
                                                | setup or supervision, or that are not
                                                | good to have out when the 1yr old is around.
                                                | Think paints, markers, playdough, legos
 4:30pm |Clean up, free play till daddy is home |

It's too early to see how this schedule is working, but the hope is that it will help the kids know what is expected of them and help make sure Mommy has some time during the day for other things.

Some things we don't like about this schedule:

  • We'd rather have the outing during the afternoon, but it's in the morning because we wanted it next to the tv time, because tv time is the one item on the schedule that should really be shorter and morning is when the kids' shows we let her watch are on. This way, as the weather get's warmer it's easy to take time away from tv and spend it outside instead.
  • The free play is divided up into shorter sections during the day. Rather than 4 shorter times, we'd prefer two or three longer times. We could maybe fix that by moving learning time to after special play.
  • We need some special play ideas for the 1yr old, because 3hrs (2 1.5 hour periods) of Mommy time each day is a long time.

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I was a preschool teacher for 4 years at different Centers and One thing I noticed it there is a different routine for every teacher and every center. it is true. Now at home you can do something that would help. First set a routine of your own I bet you already have one around your house, Getting you child in a routine of any sort is a great thing and then change it up every once in a while and teach the kids to be able to be flexible with their schedule. Being able to have change in their scchedule and being ok with it is a Big thing. Second in your schedule make time to have fun with learning. Please try to have fun with learning and that way you r4 yr old will think School and learning is fun not just hard work.

Most every Child I have had that was home with their mom was ready for Kindergarten because of the routines that kids have at home and love and care you give them while they are with you.


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+1 for reminding that routines can vary alot & making learning fun.

(28 Dec '09, 11:34) Emi

I don't know about having a fixed schedule, but I think one thing that helped our eldest was starting to explain the day's activities to her. First we're doing this, then we're going to the shops, then we're having a nap, then your friend X is coming round, etc..

I also did shorter-range 'planning' with her, counting on my (or her) fingers: Pyjamas, teeth, book, pray, bed. That helped her with sequence of events, and ordering things in her mind.

Another really important thing, I think, is finding other SAHMs with similar-aged children. The big ones will require less Mummy time, the little ones probably still as much, but you will be able to get in snatches of 'adult' conversation.


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+1 for mommy groups

(18 Jan '10, 19:25) Tammy ♦♦

The schedule that jcoehoorn posted is more of a general one. On Mondays it mostly goes out the window because I am doing laundry at my SIL's. Thursdays I attend a Bible study from 10:30 to noon, so the outing gets moved up and they don't get TV time. Fridays learning time is a trip to the library then we go get groceries and run other errands. My daughter and I both like know what is going to happen when, and we both deal with things better if there is a common routine.

(19 Jan '10, 14:42) mkcoehoorn
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