Our toddler just finished decorating our new basement carpet with red permanent marker.

While we appreciate her artistic expression, there is now a series of large red blotches right at the bottom of the stairs.

We already cleaned with Goof Off 2 (the milder kind) and it left a big pink stain.

Any suggestions?

asked 30 Dec '09, 16:04

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Scissors... :-)

(01 Jan '10, 20:20) Chris W. Rea

+1 for scissors, or wooden flooring

(02 Jan '10, 17:06) Rich Seller

Gonzo stain remover is excellent stuff. It will handle permanent marker as well as a host of other stains and it doesn't even smell too bad. I recently used it to remove a large smear of axle grease from the carpet (don't ask) with nary a blemish remaining.

alt text


answered 30 Dec '09, 19:21

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Rich Seller
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Worked! (Oxiclean did not, in this instance.)

(13 Feb '10, 23:12) Portman

Excellent. Glad it helped. It is marvellous stuff

(14 Feb '10, 00:31) Rich Seller

Oxiclean (and I guess Vanish depending where you get your coffee in the morning) is a pretty old and well known cleaning solution. Here is a nice write up on how to make your own and save a little money


(Lots of cleaning in your house can be done without all the fancy bottles and solutions; you can clean your whole house with vinegar, bleach, ammonia, water, newspaper and baking soda. For the love of pete NEVER MIX BLEACH AND AMMONIA as this will very literally kill you.)


answered 30 Dec '09, 18:56

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+1 for the warning. I remember a grade 8 science fair where someone had mixed said chemicals for an experiment, and was then dared to smell it. He accepted that dare, but had to go to the hospital that night.

(30 Dec '09, 21:33) Scott ♦♦

I highly recommend Vanish its like a miracle cleaning product. I have found it works on literally anything.

I have used it to get stains out of woolen clothes, carpets, and upholstery. It does not discolor or damage the article being cleaned.


answered 30 Dec '09, 16:52

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I don't recognize the brand, but sounds a lot like Oxiclean: http://www.oxiclean.com/

(30 Dec '09, 18:35) Scott ♦♦

@Scott I was actually wondering about whether the product rande exists with different names in different markets and I think your comment just helped me "see the light" so to speak. In the UK its called Vanish, here in Turkey its called Kosla Vanish, but the common slogan seems to be "oxi action" so Oxiclean sounds like it could be one of the family.!

(30 Dec '09, 18:45) Emi

In Australia, Vanish is the brand and Napisan/Preen are the products with "Oxyaction" as the super-dooper action that makes things disappear. Like Americans call tissues "Kleenex", we call soaking powder "Napisan" and spraying stain removers/ironing aid "Preen". http://www.napisan.com.au/latest_products.shtml

(30 Dec '09, 23:12) Lin

So Vanish / Oxiclean / Kosla / Napisan = the same cleaning product :)

(01 Jan '10, 10:55) Emi
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