My son is getting to the point where he's nearly climbed out of his crib a few times. I'm trying to avoid having him take a spill on the floor and would prefer not to put a canopy on his crib to keep him in. Are there any suggestions to make this transition go smoothly, i.e. keeping him in bed and preventing him from roaming around at night. What tips and tricks have worked for you?

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To a Big Boy Bed

Specifically, one answer is:

We do put up a safety gate so they can't get into the living room, kitchen and outside.


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We put our daughter's room together in a very basic fashion to start. No toys, only a few stuffed animals on the bed with her. We also placed pillows around the edge of the bed. She can crawl over them if she wants but it helps keep her in the middle of the bed while sleeping. We made sure that anything interesting was on the bed with her - nothing around the room that would intrigue her or draw her off the bed. It has worked well for us. I am not sure when we will start adding more things into her room though. Our daughter cannot reach the door knob yet so we just close the door. We also have a video monitor that we can keep an eye on her with but to be honest after a week or two we felt comfortable knowing she was coping well and we barely use it now.


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