My 2/12 year old son has a rash on his buttocks and top of his legs it looks similar to nappy rash, but he hasn't worn nappies day or night for nearly 3 months. I havent bought any new pants or changed washing powder so am at a loss to the cause. Has anyone else any ideas of the cause or cure.

asked 05 Jan '10, 09:37

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Phil Seller
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Is he possibly wiping his bottom too hard, or possibly your toilet paper is a bit rough for his sensitive skin? Or if you're using wipes (Kandoo etc) perhaps he's mildly allergic to something in them?

Basically think of everything which touches his bottom on a regular basis :)


answered 05 Jan '10, 12:05

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Jon Skeet
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My neighbor's son's bottom gets a rash when he drinks orange juice. It could be some sort of allergic reaction. Was there anything new he had to eat or drink or maybe something he normally eats was given in larger amounts? My daughter also gets rashes with orange juice, but only if she drinks A LOT.

Also, my son is allergic to milk and before I "knew" of this, he drank milk once and in addition to a rash on his face and chest he also had a rash on his bottom.


answered 11 Jan '10, 08:16

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i took him to the doc's who agreed it was like a nappy rash and he prescribed some cream, and has asked me to check his poo for worms!

(11 Jan '10, 08:56) Phil Seller

Oh bummer! That has got to be the worst job ever! I thought they normally take a poo sample and do a test on it to check for worms, I didn't realize they were so big you would be able to easily spot them...eww. I feel for you. :(

(13 Jan '10, 06:49) Sabrina

yes lovely job, but i managed to do it by putting his old potty in the loo then his trainer seat on top then using a wooden kebab stick have a look. and thankgod no worms.

(13 Jan '10, 16:51) Phil Seller

LOL, oh my! I'm glad there were no worms though! :)

(20 Jan '10, 08:47) Sabrina

Could your washing machine not be draining, and therefore rinsing, properly? Maybe there is a build up of washing powder on his pants causing irritation.

My instinct is that it isn't caused by something in his poo, as that wouldn't effect his buttocks and legs if he's potty trained. Could it be an intolerence reaction to a food, or irritation caused by washing powder, or possibly a virus coming out as a rash (although in my experience this is usually on the face and torso, not buttocks)?

How long has he had it?


answered 12 Jan '10, 20:45

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Meg Stephenson
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Tammy ♦♦

its cleared up now thanks to the cream doc gave me, still dont know what it was but thank goodness its gone coz it was really bad. Your right it was probably a reaction to a pair of pants lent to him from playschool after an accident.

(13 Jan '10, 16:54) Phil Seller
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