Has anyone seen a useful infant growth chart (for those of us who have taller or shorter babies, it's nice to know if they're in the normal weight range for their height and age)?

asked 05 Jan '10, 11:50

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Scott ♦♦
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Yes, here is a nifty Infant Growth Chart. There are charts for:

Reference: based on the growth charts from the CDC.


answered 05 Jan '10, 11:58

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Scott ♦♦
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+1 Very nice !!

(05 Jan '10, 12:04) Emi

Does this take into account breastfed versus formula fed babies? I'm pretty sure my doctor uses different charts for each.

(05 Jan '10, 14:16) Fun2Dream

The instructions say "Use this handy growth chart to compare the age, weight, and height of your infant to the "normal distribution"" but I"m only seeing weight. Am I missing something?

(05 Jan '10, 18:50) Kiesa ♦

My doctor also uses different charts for breastfed vs formula fed babies. I'd like to know where the data for the chart comes from before giving this chart an up vote.

(05 Jan '10, 19:14) cat_g

None of the Dr.'s or nurses I've been involved with here have ever mentioned a formula vs. breastfed baby chart, we've only ever seen the same one.

(05 Jan '10, 20:45) Tammy ♦♦

I'd suggest using the recent WHO growth charts. Older charts are based on formula-fed instead of breast-fed babies.

Personally I find all this metrics and charts more annoying than useful. If a child is gaining weight and is otherwise healthy, looking at the numbers will just put unnecessary pressure on parents. Like adults, babies are individualss and I think normalising their development like this is a mistake.


answered 05 Jan '10, 19:09

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I think the reason Scott posted this alternative chart is because our daughter has generally been off the WHO growth chart in terms of height and he was looking for something that could give him a more accurate percentile to then compare to her weight percentile and determine if her BMI was okay.

(05 Jan '10, 20:44) Tammy ♦♦

What if your child isn't breast-fed?

(06 Jan '10, 02:08) Scott ♦♦

I like to look at the numbers, just out of curiosity. There's no "mistake" about trying to see if it's just your imagination that your 6-month old is already outgrowing 9-month old clothes, or that he's the biggest baby in the daycare class. If that's the kind of thing that makes you anxious, you probably shouldn't look at it.

(06 Jan '10, 14:08) Anne
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