Do you have any favourite tips/tricks/resources related to potty-training? A book, website or technique/method that you found especially helpful?

I'm just about to start training my 2.5 yr old daughter and would like to hear what you thought worked or didn't work.

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No resources, but here are a few thoughts:

  • Don't make a big issue out of it
  • Let your child see you 'going', so they get the idea of what it's about
  • Maybe even stick your child on the potty when you're on the toilet (even keeping their nappy/diapers on)
  • Stick them briefly on the potty before baths, if by chance 'something' happens, make a BIG DEAL of it
  • If there is an 'accident' DON'T make a big deal of it
  • Easier in the summer, when your child can be outside more, and will be happy to run around naked
  • Be prepared for 'relapses' (our eldest went back to nappies for 6 months after her little sister arrived)
  • Nights take longer

That's all I can think of for the moment.


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+1 Nice points ! ( It surely is easier in the summer/warmer months I think )

(07 Jan '10, 09:15) Emi

I agree with Benjol's points. Thought I'd add a system:

The system I used with both my daughters and am part way through with my son went along these lines:

  1. Have potty about and encourage child to sit on it when (s)he has no nappy on, this stage can go on for up to a year before serious potty training starts.
  2. Once child has had some success - that is actually produced something whilst on the potty, and this has happened more than once - start the actual potty training. You need to allow nearly a week where the child will not have to go out at all. The first two to three days the child should be nude from the waist down and encouraged to sit on the potty whenever (s)he indicates (s)he wants to go. If this is not working after the first day, abandon for the time being and try again in a few months.
  3. Once the child is successfully using the potty with no clothes to impede progress you can put knickers on him/her. Expect the child to have a few accidents at this stage, it's very confusing. But keep encouraging and offering the potty. This will again take two to three days before you might feel confident that (s)he has got the hang of it.
  4. Now you're ready to leave the house. Take a potty with you everywhere for a while. Hopefully (s)he will enjoy trying out different toilets, but you might need that familiar potty, especially if (s)he's caught short miles from the nearest public conveniences.
  5. Get a comfortable trainer-toilet seat and a small stool so (s)he can use the toilet directly. This stage can come some time later.

An additional point - whilst I agree with Benjol that the summer is the best time, I am currently potty training our son during freezing February because he's announced he doesn't like nappies any more. It seems mean to stop him when he's so obviously ready. On the other hand, with our second child I "potty trained" her when she was 2 1/4 because that's when her sister had potty trained and the weather suited. She was still regularly wetting herself nearly 6 months later. She just wasn't wearing nappies. So it is better to respond to your child's rather than your own time-table.


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Thanks - this is similar to the process that I am using

(09 Feb '10, 21:51) Kate

Well, it's been one week and we're getting there. This is what I've done:

  • Beforehand, we had purchased both a potty and a toilet seat insert for the regular toilet. She was familiar with both and understood where her pee & poop was supposed to go.

  • We went to the store so she could pick out her own underwear - imagine my delight when she loudly proclaimed "I'm going to get underwear-pants! Pink underwear-pants!" to everyone in the parking lot.

  • I put her in her underwear and hoped for the best. Not dirtying her underwear has been a source of motivation for her.

  • She didn't have any problems telling me when she needed to go, but actually releasing and completely emptying her bladder when she was on the toilet was an issue. We would sit there for 20+ mins with nothing, only to have her go a few minutes after getting off the toilet.

  • I tried taking her to the bathroom periodically. This definitely did NOT work as she started resisting (she is really in the "I do it myself" stage). Now I don't push the issue so much and follow her lead as it is quite apparent that she knows when she needs to "go". There are times when she is engrossed in what she's doing and I think a reminder would be helpful, but I will try setting a timer to see if that works better than me telling her what to do.

  • She gets rewarded with M&Ms if she makes a "deposit".

So far our biggest challenges have been:

  • Relaxing enough to do the deed - she has a bit of stage fright
  • Trying to keep her baby brother happy and out of trouble while I spend countless hours hanging out in the bathroom.

Will update as necessary with tips & tricks, and what worked and didn't work.


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Post-its are a wonderful way to block most automatic toilets from flushing. At one point my son was almost potty trained when an automatic toilet flushed on him. After that, it took a good 6 months before he was willing to go on a non-home potty. Now whenever I go, I make sure to take a post-it note and put it over the sensor. So far, I haven't had any toilets flush unexpectedly on us when I do this.

Also, potty seats don't work on commercial toilets that have contoured seats. Sometimes you can lift the lid up and put the potty seat on the base opening but it's often too big and precarious seating. However, I have found, particularly in airports, that some stalls might have the contoured seats and others won't, even in the same restroom. I'm not sure why this is but if you come across a toilet seat that doesn't work with your potty seat insert, take a look in a couple of the other stalls.


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