Sometimes, I would like to receive email notifications from moms4mom after posting a question or answer. I know how to choose the option to receive notifications. However, my husband has installed a very agressive spam filter on our mail server (ya, we're the kind of family that has their own mail server ;) ). Unless I add an email address to my safelist, it will most likely be spam filtered.

So, what email address do notifications from moms4mom come from?

asked 07 Jan '10, 14:13

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+1 Twittering is good too!

(07 Jan '10, 15:27) Emi

+1 for a great question!

(07 Jan '10, 22:04) Lin

+1 for running your own mailserver :)

(08 Jan '10, 20:20) Lazlow

The email should come from [email protected]


answered 08 Jan '10, 19:20

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Scott ♦♦
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Great! I'll try this address. Thanks Scott!

(08 Jan '10, 20:24) cat_g

I've added [email protected] to my safe list. I'm answering my own question now to verify that I will receive a notification from moms4mom about this new answer.


answered 08 Jan '10, 21:35

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Ok, let us know how it goes!

(09 Jan '10, 04:14) Scott ♦♦

It worked! I received an email notification about the above answer from [email protected] about 24 hours after posting the answer.

(10 Jan '10, 22:34) cat_g
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