Our son is 9 months old and learning to pull himself up with furniture. The problem is we have wooden floors and we are worried abouy him banging his head or falling face first onto the floor.

Should we stand behind him all the time?

asked 27 Sep '09, 17:13

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Kev Hunter 1
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Unless he starts climbing on the furniture, he's not going to have far to fall - and kids are remarkably resilient.

Making mistakes and them hurting a bit is part of the learning process. I know that sounds incredibly harsh, but I'm sure he won't come to any harm. I'm sure you'll have some tears - but no broken bones.

This is also part of the learning process for you. It's hard not to wrap kids up in cotton wool - but they have to be allowed to make their own mistakes, within limits. If you think this is hard, just imagine your son's first bike ride without stabilizers :)

For what it's worth, all three of our sons learned to stand, crawl and walk on wooden floors. No harm done :)

This isn't to stop you from standing behind him and softening the fall sometimes of course - but I'd say the more important part of standing behind him is the encouragement you give him by cheering him on, and by helping him to try again when he does fall over.


answered 27 Sep '09, 17:25

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Jon Skeet
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I agree with Jon, our daughter also learnt to walk on wooden flooring bare foot. We had several rugs around the apartment however we noticed that the she prefered walking on the wood, then we realised why, it was easier, her little feet had better grip! As well as standing behind him, you could be a few feet away encouraging him to take steps towards you. Clapping, encouragment and motivation went down extremely well in our household.

(27 Sep '09, 19:19) Emi

In my experience they learn quite quickly to bend in the middle as they fall and land on their bottoms instead of their heads.


answered 14 Nov '09, 22:15

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My son learned to walk on hardwood floors as well and while he did bang his head on the floor a few times, he was fine. He still bangs his head on things but he usually doesn't notice and he just keeps trucking along.

I wouldn't worry about standing behind him all the time. If he needs your help he'll let you know. Kids are perfect in the way they are designed. They are close to the ground and they are squishy so they bounce a little :)


answered 28 Sep '09, 17:18

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Maybe you could put some pillows on the ground around him! My kids were on carpet while pulling themselves up and I had a hard time letting them fall!!


answered 30 Sep '09, 08:20

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all my kids have learnt by themselves - and yes they do take a tumble once in awhile (not far, onto carpet or wooden floor), but they learn quicker. being to over-protective is not always a good thing and can take away their independence and connfidence x christelle


answered 08 Jul '10, 09:59

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He will bang his head. Don't worry to much about it, but be there and give comfort. Sit down on the floor and offer a hand for him to hold (better he falls on you) or when he gets a bit more mobile, be a goal for him to reach...

Oh, and standing behind him and reaching down like that will mess up your back one day...


answered 28 Sep '09, 07:46

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Offer Help, don't push your help on him. Encourage him to stand up, give as little help as needed. Lookout for dangerous situation, else let him fall.

A head on the floor makes a lot of noise, and the sound will hurt you more, more then your son gets hurt on the head.

greeting from Germany

Huibert Gill


answered 28 Sep '09, 10:18

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