I would love to know how many cities and countries are represented in this community and the numbers of parents in each.

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asked 07 Jan '10, 16:01

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Scott ♦♦

Emi, How about you? Where are you located?

(07 Jan '10, 16:39) cat_g

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Taking the last month as an example and looking at our website analytics:

  • We've had visits from 118 different countries, 2884 different cities
  • About 50% of visits are from the US
  • 15% are from Canada
  • 10% are from the UK
  • 3% are from Australia
  • 96% of the visits come from web browsers set to some variant of an English locale
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answered 07 Jan '10, 17:01

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Scott ♦♦
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If I kept going after Australia, the next is Turkey, due to one rather exuberant user from there. :)

(07 Jan '10, 17:03) Scott ♦♦

Wow :-) where are the Europeans? Thanks for the breakdown. I had this idea that members could up vote if they were from the same cities.

(07 Jan '10, 17:40) Emi

Countries like Germany and France are in the < 1% range.

(07 Jan '10, 18:03) Scott ♦♦

Switzerland shot up since yesterday ;)

(08 Jan '10, 12:24) Benjol

I've wondered this too, Emi! I'm in Toronto, Canada.

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answered 07 Jan '10, 16:15

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I'm in Toronto too, eh?

(12 Jan '10, 05:01) YMCbuzz

Maybe we should have a moms4mom conference for all members in Toronto. :)

(12 Jan '10, 20:49) cat_g

I'm thinking Rock Band Party! :)

(14 Jan '10, 01:43) Scott ♦♦

Sweet! But only if I can be the drummer. Lol!

(14 Jan '10, 01:48) cat_g

You got it, guitar all the way here!

(15 Jan '10, 04:56) Scott ♦♦

Just don't make me sing. Nobody wants that.

(17 Jan '10, 16:36) Graeme
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I'm in Phoenix, AZ, United States. Anybody else from the American Southwest?

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answered 07 Jan '10, 16:34

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Matthew Jones
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Ok :) this will sound really cheesy but is that where "Medium" is filmed? I think its such a great series!! All the characters are adorable!

(08 Jan '10, 17:10) Emi

It is not filmed here but it does take place here. That's what Phoenix is known for: cacti, retirees, and Medium. :)

(08 Jan '10, 21:02) Matthew Jones

Denver/Boulder area, Colorado in the United States.

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answered 07 Jan '10, 16:37

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Kiesa ♦
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Linz, Austria. That's in Europe. No Kangaroos here.

Also, very few Sound-of-Music-ish stereotypes. On a side note, almost no one I know (from Austria) has ever seen this movie.

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answered 07 Jan '10, 16:40

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ive seen the film loads of times!

(07 Jan '10, 16:57) Phil Seller

I can recite it, thanks to a little sister who found the rewind button. :)

(07 Jan '10, 17:06) Scott ♦♦

I think I've seen all of it. But never in one sitting. I can't stand more than about 30 minutes at a time.

(07 Jan '10, 23:20) mkcoehoorn

I can do a great "I am sixteen, going on seventeen..."

(08 Jan '10, 03:31) Scott ♦♦

@Scott LOL... I bet that the father(character in the film) would have benefited from Moms4mom with all those children to take care for :)) – Emi

(08 Jan '10, 17:13) Emi

@Emi: to be fair, the actor was Canadian. ;)

(08 Jan '10, 21:06) Scott ♦♦
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North of London, England.

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answered 07 Jan '10, 16:46

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Phil Seller
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I'm a bit further North

(07 Jan '10, 17:13) Rich Seller

Lincoln, England/UK/Britain (take your pick) here. Originally from west of London (Windsor).

(08 Jan '10, 20:21) Lazlow

I'm in Winnipeg, Canada.

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answered 07 Jan '10, 18:20

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I'm from winnipeg, too!

(01 Feb '10, 04:16) Neen

South West England, Bristol - Cider country! And although the locals sing about it, it's nowhere near the Zider Zee...

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answered 07 Jan '10, 18:46

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pete the pagan-gerbil
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Adelaide, South Australia ... and no, I didn't ride a kangaroo to school and no one has a koala in their backyard ;O)

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answered 07 Jan '10, 22:06

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Previously Wisconsin, just a little ways south of Madison.

Now Nebraska, a little west of Lincoln.

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answered 07 Jan '10, 23:21

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