My son is rather sensitive to the amount of sugar in his diet. Too much and his number of dirty diapers shoots up. This tends to lead to diaper rash and small battles whenever we clean up said dirty diapers.

Any one have any suggestions for making changes go smoother when a baby has diaper rash? Particularly we cleaning up the dirty diapers?

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I wonder if any of the following points could be of help to you when are changing dirty diapers while your little one has a diaper rash.

Change diapers frequently: The most important thing is to keep the area dry and clean. Check the diapers often, every hour if your baby has a rash, and change them as needed. Check at least once during the night.

Gentle cleaning: Frequent and vigorous washing with soap can strip the baby's tender skin of the natural protective barrier. Wash gently but thoroughly, including the skin folds. Do not use diaper wipes if your child has a rash, as they can burn and increase the irritation. You can sit the baby in a basin or tub of lukewarm water for several minutes with each diaper change. This helps clean and may also be comforting. You can also pour warm water from a pitcher or use a squirt bottle. Do not use any soap unless there is very sticky stool, then a very mild soap is okay; wash gently and rinse well. Baby oil on a cotton ball can also be used.

Pat dry or leave diapers off for a while: Let the skin air dry, or pat very gently with a very soft cloth or paper towel. A hairdryer set on cool can also be used. Leave the skin open to the air as much as possible. Fasten diapers loosely and do not use airtight rubber pants. If you use disposable diapers, it can help to punch holes in them to let air in.

This is quoted from Children's Hospital Bostan Website.


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Emi's answer is pretty comprehensive, just wanted to add:

We've found it helps to moisturise the skin well at every opportunity. This seems to help the skin to be stronger and resist the infection, so it gets less sore. We use aqueous cream to wash bottoms at bath time as it's less drying than soap. A table spoon of olive oil mixed with warm water (or cooled chamomile tea and honey, which seems to be soothing and healing) is a useful mixture for cleaning up bottoms at diaper changes (use cotton wool or soft cloths soaked in the mixture).


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+1 For the healing properties of olive oil and other natural ingredients!

(08 Jan '10, 19:28) Emi
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