My baby has been crying in his sleep throughout the night due to gas for the past week or so.

He has been eating solid foods for the past 3 weeks and was fine when he was on just rice cereal. Since then, he's been introduced to oatmeal cereal and sweet potatoes, as well, which has coincided with his waking through the night and crying with gas pains.

Is this a coincidence, or are the foods causing this gas build-up?

asked 09 Jan '10, 13:54

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It could be the foods, although in my experience both sweet potatoes & oatmeal were less likely than say broccoli to cause gas.

This article suggests that gas could be caused by many foods due to an immaturity of the digestive system. If your son is less than 6 months old, you could consider stopping solids for now to see if the gas pains subside.


answered 09 Jan '10, 15:37

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+1 for informative article link!

(09 Jan '10, 18:35) Emi

It could well be the cause. Gassiness is a symptom of food intolerances and allergies and, whilst rice cereal is a low allergy risk, oat cereal and sweet potatoes are not quite so safe.

How old is your baby? Introducing solids before 6 months of age is associated with higher incidence of food allergies.


answered 09 Jan '10, 15:39

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