What comics would you recommend for kids (under the age of 8)? I remember reading "TinTin" and "Asterisk and Obelix" a lot as a kid. I'd like to avoid pulp comics (i.e. DC/Marvel/etc.). What would you buy your kids to help them to learn to read (words + pictures = context = easier to read) and amuse them?

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I can't recommend the "Owly" series by Andy Runton highly enough. The stories are touching, funny, and filled with good messages. Our 3-year old girl loves them, but needs her mom or me to help explain what's going on. Unfortunately they won't help much with reading as there's very little text.


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My girl (5yrs) really like my old and battered Disney comics (mostly Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse) apart from those she likes those horrid (in my opinion) Disney Princess comics.

When it comes to encourage reading (she has just started to get interested) I go to the library an borrow easy-to-read books. There are special books with only two or three lines of text per page that we read to her.

And then we have an old school-abc-book that I bought at a flee-market, one with a picture for each letter (ape, ball, cat ..)


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My 6 year old boy loves the Captain Underpants series of books. He is still learning to read and so even without understanding every word the graphics are easy to understand and appeal to his sense of humour. In fact he regularly returns to them to read to himself and his younger sister. He also flicks through Tin Tin comics but finds them a bit harder to follow but this will probably change as his reading improves.


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We get our eldest the CBeebies magazine; it has a variety of stories and activities aimed at a range of ages from about 3 upwards.


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I absolutely adored Calvin and Hobbes growing up. (I still do, but that's probably less important here.) It has plenty of simple, childish humor to keep kids interested. Mix with that Calvin's fantastic vocabulary and his vivid imagination and you have a truly wonderful cartoon.

And no, I never tried launching my wagon off a cliff in imitation.


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