Following from this question about what to call one's child's 'parts', I wonder what you do about naming what comes out of those parts?

Poo, wee, fart, sick, snot?

Or faeces, urine, flatulence, vomit and (quick Google to check spelling) catarrh?

I don't think I'll be adding this one to the glossary :)


I forgot burp

Interesting that the general consensus seems to be to use "doctor's" names for childrens' "parts", but not for their "do's". I wonder why?

asked 10 Jan '10, 19:18

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I'd never heard of "catarrh" before until now! But now I'm wiki educated!

(10 Jan '10, 22:33) Lin

Growing up, 'fart' was a bad word in my house, so we won't use that one. We'll likely say 'toot' instead. Otherwise, the standard poo, pee, snot, puke, etc should do fine.


answered 10 Jan '10, 22:57

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We also use toot and poot if we are unsure of what our son did in his diaper.

(10 Jan '10, 23:06) mkcoehoorn

We use toot too!

(11 Jan '10, 05:52) YMCbuzz

Why is fart a bad word?

(11 Jan '10, 10:48) runaros

@runaros - I suppose because my parents thought it was! It wasn't as bad as the standard 4-letter words, but my mom didn't want her "little lady" saying it - she thought it didn't sound nice.

(11 Jan '10, 13:56) Fun2Dream

In the UK, fart is definitely on the wrong side of 'break wind'

(11 Jan '10, 14:33) Benjol

I have found fart becoming much more acceptable. I remember it being considered naughty. But now, although I certainly wouldn't encourge my kids to use it, I also wouldn't tell them off if they did.

(13 Jan '10, 12:51) pipthegeek
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Yes, poo, wee, fart, sick and snot (we are in the UK).


answered 10 Jan '10, 19:27

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Paul Stephenson
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i agree apart from we call snot ( bogie )

(11 Jan '10, 08:47) Phil Seller

Agree with Paul Stephenson / + Bogey? (Does that term still get used?)

(11 Jan '10, 10:26) Emi

Well, for me bogies are congealed snot, but let's not get too technical... :)

(11 Jan '10, 14:35) Benjol

us Aussies generally say poo, wee, fart, spew/puke, snot


answered 10 Jan '10, 22:31

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I'm US and I use

Poo, poop or BM
Pee or urine
Fart or gas
Puke, vomit, sick, spew, blow chunks, etc (the euphemisms abound)
Snot, boogers, or mucus

Never heard of catarrh


answered 10 Jan '10, 22:36

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US: poop, pee, vomit, fart, snot/boogers. YMMV.

See Steven Pinker's excellent book The Stuff of Thought for discussion on swearing and euphemisms. English has several different sets of euphemisms for these things depending on context: talking to or about children, discussing adults, medical issues, farm animals, etc., and it's really awkward sounding when you use the euphemisms in the wrong context. Interesting stuff, I'd never thought about that aspect of it before. If you're interested but don't want to read the book, try this fascinating talk by Pinker available online.


answered 10 Jan '10, 23:13

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We're Canadian and use:

poo, pee, barf, toot, and boogers (or schnegs)


answered 11 Jan '10, 05:52

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Our only quirk is that we use the Spanish mocos for boogers. My wife is Mexican-American and therefore our son is half, so we try to use some Spanish in our house.


answered 12 Jan '10, 14:31

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Matthew Jones
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