I'm beginning to think that my daughter is ready to give up her morning nap. She has always been a great napper but lately her morning naps are shorter and she does a lot more complaining/crying when we put her down, which she hasn't done in months. How did you know your toddler was ready to give up their morning nap? What were the signs and how did you handle the transition?

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Hi Tammy, my toddler, Zackary, is currently 2 1/2 years old. I can't remember the exact age he went from 1 to two naps a day. But it seems your daughter is doing what he did. His morning nap kept getting shorter and shorter and closer to lunch time. It was a gradual thing so eventually I just put him down for a nap right after lunch and that worked just fine! I think this happened around 10/11 months of age since I know by the time he was 1 and starting daycare, he was on the same routine as the daycare which had the kids do a nap right after lunch. My twin boys are currently 7 months and still doing the 2 naps a day. Each child is different though so go with what your child is telling you and your own feeling about it. Sounds like she is transitioning from 2 to 1 nap :) If you have too much trouble putting her down for her morning nap, try a nap right after lunch and see how things go! Of course...at the beginning it might be hard to do everyday and you will find some days she might still require 2 naps.


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+1 Great answer - I also wanted to highlight the last sentence: some days she might still need two naps as she is transitioning. If she's particularly fussy one morning just go ahead and put her down - she'll sleep if she needs to!

(22 Oct '09, 22:48) Emily

Sylvie's answer is awesome; I just wanted to add another idea that has worked really well for our family. When our oldest was transitioning from two naps to one, we started having a "quiet time" in the morning. He was in his crib but he had music or a story playing and he had some special toys to play with (that ONLY came out at quiet time!) If he really needed sleep, he'd fall asleep. Otherwise, when the timer rang, quiet time was over.

We have continued to use this method and we LOVE it. I have found it to be beneficial for our preschooler and toddler - both of them are happier children if they get a little bit of time/space away from each other. It is also beneficial to this mommy because it gives me a breather! :)

I should mention that for our oldest we eased him into the idea by starting at just 10 minutes, then 20, then 30, and eventually to 45 (which is where we have left it). For our second, because they were in the same room, he went straight to a 45 minute QT because it never seemed to bother him (probably because he had company).


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