How do you (specifically) clean the ears?

I fear I might hurt him with a "cotonete" (don't know the english word, see picture below to see what I mean, and feel free to edit this), do you clean it while you bathe them with just a finger?


asked 11 Jan '10, 23:47

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In the US it's called a q-tip.

(12 Jan '10, 00:05) Kiesa ♦

I think Q-Tip is a brand - maybe cotton swab?

(12 Jan '10, 01:55) Scott ♦♦

Q-tip is one of those brand names that have become synonymous with the product. Like Kleenex == Tissue, or if you live in the southern part of the US, "Coke" doesn't just refer to Coca-Cola Classic, but all carbonated soft-drinks.

(12 Jan '10, 16:32) mkcoehoorn

Any doctor or pediatrician you will ask this question to will caution, "Don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear!" - meaning, don't put anything in your ear - or your baby's ear.

Warning from Dr. Paul:

To clean your baby's ears, wash only the outside of the ear. Never put anything (such as a Q-Tip) into your baby's ear.

eHow has this how-to which describes exactly how I've always cleaned my children's ears, which is basically, just using a wrung-out, lukewarm, wet washcloth to clean the crevices around the opening of the ear, and to just use a bit of the cloth to clean the opening.

I also make sure to dry as much of the ear as possible afterwards, either with a thin, gentle towel or a tissue, so as to avoid earache or other irritation or infection which might occur if water, dirt or debris is left in the ear canal.


answered 12 Jan '10, 01:57

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I use a damp cotton ball or wash cloth to wipe out the external portions of the ear if there is some loose wax or dirt/food visible, but I don't go "digging" down the ear canal (hard to describe, hope that makes sense).


answered 12 Jan '10, 00:18

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+1 for no digging. There is a saying: "Don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear."

(12 Jan '10, 00:45) Matthew Jones

Yep, we do this, but we make it part of the bath time routine - wash the face, wash the ears (with a washcloth), finish bath, etc.

(12 Jan '10, 16:06) Fun2Dream

I use a baby wipe whenever I happen to notice something, usually when he is on my lap during church.

(12 Jan '10, 16:33) mkcoehoorn

We call them cotton tips or cotton buds in Australia.

alt text

Johnson & Johnson have baby cotton buds that have a bigger ball/rim of cotton about 1/4 cm up the tip which is specifically designed for added safety, limiting penetration to help protect baby's ear canal. This "ball" makes it pretty much impossible to penetrate the ear at all.

Caution should still be adhered to of course, only removing dirt and wax from the outer surface of the ear and NEVER in the ear.


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+1 for the product. The design does work. I would only add that cleaning would probably mean removing discharge which was already made its way up to the surface.

(12 Jan '10, 07:58) Emi

We use a similar product.

(12 Jan '10, 10:26) brandstaetter

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You should not insert any a cotton swab or anything else into your baby's ear canal. It can damage the eardrum of your baby. It is better to ask your doctor regarding this. Instead of that you can simply clean the outer part of your babies ears with a cotton swab or washcloth moistened with warm water.


answered 02 Sep '15, 07:03

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