My 8 month old has been eating all sorts of foods for the past couple months. I am aware of a number of foods that people say you shouldn't feed a baby. For example, I've read that you shouldn't give a baby nuts, shellfish or egg whites because they are foods that could cause an allergic reaction. As well, I've read that you shouldn't give a baby honey because of the risk of botulism.

The other day, I was telling a friend a story and happened to mention that my son was eating kiwi. She sounded shocked and said, "I thought you weren't supposed to feed babies kiwi because of the risk of allergy!" That led me to wonder about other foods that could be potentially risky.

We are using a baby-led approach to feeding our son. He usually eats whatever we are eating. But, I want to make sure I don't accidentally feed him some food that could potentially cause a serious reaction.

Does anyone have a list of foods you should avoid feeding a baby (preferably with reasons why they should be avoided)?

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I have found that is a great resource for all things food related and includes a section on allergies & intolerances.

For example, according to the same site, Kiwi is a low risk for allergy, but may cause some irritation at the mouth going in or at the bum coming out due to high acidity.


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+1 for Kiwi info!

(13 Jan '10, 09:40) Emi

We were told by our paediatrician that what is important when babies are starting with solids is to introduce one new thing at a time. That way if there is an allergic or collicky reaction, you know what caused it.

Try this Google-fu for some interesting links.


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Yes, I agree that we should only introduce one new food at a time. But, are there some foods that should be avoided altogether?

(13 Jan '10, 16:19) cat_g
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